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Joya De Nicaragua – A Review By Jared York

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The Joya De Nicaragua Antaño 1970

The Antaño, is Joya de Nicaragua’s strongest line of full flavored cigars, It was introduced in 2002. The name Antaño translates to “yesteryear” was put together with the intent of bringing back that full flavored smoke that was all the craze in the post embargo 70’s.

I love this smoke! Nothing on the market has that rich oily smoke that hits every note. The smoke has a great mouth feel, and it has a full body and aroma with spicy earth notes from start to finish. I don’t often claim to taste flavors in a cigar, I like it or I don’t. However, with the 1970 even I pick up cedar and black pepper. It’s tasty and straightforward. One of the things I have noticed about myself is that I’m a fast smoker. I will burn through a medium bodied smoke with great ease. That is not the case with the 1970 line. With the great blend of rich flavors and full smoke it forces a huffer such as myself to slow down and savor it. The draw is smooth and easy to take in. The ash leaves something to be desired it flakes and does not tap off smoothly. It’s not new, it’s not trendy, it doesn’t have some flashy band! It’s good, it’s classic, it’s a solid hitter.




Possible Score


Construction Fresh out of the humidor, how does the cigar look? Are large veins evident in the wrapper? Does the cigar have a firm feel to it?



Band Is the band an embarrassment that you wouldn’t want to smoke in public?



First Puff How satisfying is the very first puff of the cigar?



Draw Can the cigar be smoked without strain? Does it burn up too quickly?



Flavor Does it achieve all three notes? Does the flavor come through to the smoker sufficiently?



Aroma Is the aroma of the cigar while burning fragrant or offensive?



Ash/Burn Does the cigar produce a solid ash? Is it flaky? Does it canoe?



Value Bucks per puff. For the enjoyment is the cigar reasonably priced?



Possible Score




It is best to smoke one after a meal, but they are tasty no matter what time of day you pick one up. Go out and buy a box, they are great and only get better with age.

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