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Keeping Your Cigar Accessories Organized


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Any serious cigar enthusiast takes just as much pleasure in selecting the perfect accessories, as they do picking out the most exquisite cigars that he or she can find. However, organizing those accessories is just as important as picking out the right ones. If you tend to collect cigar accessories as much as you collect stogies, you may quickly find yourself with a disorganized mess of humidors, cutters, tubes and more.

If you're going to become a serious collector of both cigars and accessories, it's crucial that you develop some organization skills. After all, there's nothing worse than spending twenty minutes digging through a pile of accessories to simply cut your cigar prior to smoking it.

How to Organize Your Cigar Accessories:

Invest in a Travel Case

It's wise to purchase a travel case in which you can store all your cigar basics. Many travel cases have room for multiple cigars, a cutter, a lighter and a tube You can also find a wide range of travel-friendly humidors that have extra compartments for the most important accessories that you'll need to enjoy a perfect smoke.

Only Purchase What You Really Need

Especially when you're first getting into cigars, it may be tempting to purchase every cigar-related accessory that catches your eye. However, take a step back before going on a shopping spree. After all, do you really need more than ten ashtrays at any given time?

If you really want to collect cigar accessories but want to stay organized, choose to invest in a few high-quality pieces rather than a bunch of mediocre accessory products.

Build a DIY Accessory Organizer

If you're the handy type, consider making your own organizer for all your cigars, humidors and accessories. This allows you to construct something that's perfectly tailored to your unique style and organizational needs. All that you need is some wood to build the perfect tray, shelf, cabinet or box for all of your cigar-related goodies.

Toss What You Don't Use

To avoid clutter, regularly go through your collection of accessories and toss anything that you haven't used in over two years. If you haven't used an accessory yet, it clearly isn't crucial to your overall cigar setup.

Keep These Tips Handy

These simple tips will help you keep your cigar accessories perfectly organized and, as a result, easily accessible at any given time.

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