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Learning the Cigar Lingo

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Cigars have been the center of social life for hundreds of years. Men have been able to sit down and relax with a drink of choice in their hand and a quality cigar in the other. With the company of good friends and family, the enjoyment of a nice cigar was made even more complete. After generations and generations of smoking cigars, there has naturally developed some lingo around this area of social life. It is a lingo that keeps evolving through the years but still holds enough form to create a vernacular. Introduced here are some of the most commonly used words in the cigar lingo.

One of the most popular alternative words to use when referring to a cigar is stogie. It is not entirely certain where this term was derived from, but it has certainly taken on a meaning of its own. Whenver someone is referring to any sort of cigar, they may use the word stogie instead. It doesn’t necesarilly refer to any specific type of cigar. Simply put, stogie can be used to replace the word cigar anytime it seems to get too redundant.

Another word that can be used to identify any cigar is a simple diminutive of the word itself. ‘Gar’ can be used interchangeably with the word cigar, much like the lingo term stogie. ‘Gar’ is obviously a short way to say cigar and was derived from people saying cigar so often they just eventually dropped the first two letters.

Nubbing is also a lingo term used within the cigar smoking community that refers to when a person smokes a cigar down to the very last bit. The very small amount left of the cigar would appropriately be referred to as a nub. Therefore, the process of smoking a whole cigar down to the last bit has taken on the lingo word of nubbing.

Whether you are a newbie or have been smoking cigars for ages, it is important to keep up on the lingo that is being used. Lingo is a window into the way that a certain social group works and functions. If you want to participate fully in the cigar smoking community, learning the cigar lingo is important. The best way to keep track is to engage yourself within the cigar smoking community. There is no telling what kind of new lingo words will be created in the years to come. Who knows, you may even create a word yourself.

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