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Making the Most of Bulk Pipe Tobacco Discounts

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Pipe tobacco has long been used to celebrate special moments. Finding the right bulk tobacco in a local tobacco shop can be challenging, especially in an area where local tobacco shops are scarce. It’s nice to find online tobacco shops that carry brands you know and love at a discounted price.

Pipe tobacco is normally coarser and moister than cigarette tobacco, and more attention is given towards getting the flavor just right. Online retailers, such as BnB Tobacco, give pipe smokers a wide selection of basic to premium tobaccos in quantities as small as six ounces or as large as five pounds. Large orders of bulk pipe tobacco yield the best discounts, and larger orders totaling more than $199 receive free shipping in addition to deep discounts.

You might wonder about ordering large quantities of pipe tobacco, especially if pipe smoking is only an occasional pastime. However, by storing pipe tobacco correctly, you can keep your blends for years. In fact, a little bit of aging can actually enhance your pipe smoking experience.

There are things that should be avoided when storing pipe tobacco. Cigars should not be stored with pipe tobacco because they have a “sponge” effect. Similarly humidors are for storing cigars, not pipe tobacco. Too much moisture will make the tobacco unsmokeable. A humidity level of 10-14 percent is plenty. Some smokers have tried adding moisture to a storage jar, but this is not recommended because it can cause tobacco to mold.

The simplest solution is to store blends that may not be smoked for months — or even years — in glass jars with a vacuum seal such as Mason or Ball jars. While old food jars may sound like a good idea, the lids of these jars often retain the food smell even after washing. New jars are always best. Depending on how much of your blend you want to take out at a time, you can use large or small jars. You can even create blends for fellow pipe smokers to give as gifts.

You may also want to consider joining or starting a pipe club in your community. These clubs can often be found at local tobacco shops. Not only can you enjoy one another’s company, but you can take advantage of bulk pipe tobacco discounts by creating and sharing your own custom blends.

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