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Montecristo White Churchill

Cigar Reviews Montecristo

Montecristo is the name of two different cigar brands, one which produces for Habanos SA in Cuba, and the other which produces for Altadis SA in the Dominican Republic. The original brand created the second branch so that it could continue to sell cigars to the United States. The Montecristo White Churchill is one of the Dominican Republic cigars, measuring 7.0″ x 54 and contained in a Connecticut/Ecuadorian Shade grown wrapper.

This is definitely a beautiful cigar: the light tan wrapper features an ultra smooth surface almost entirely devoid of veins. The cigar is firm but features just the slightest bit of give. The draw on this cigar is as smooth as its wrapper, and produces large billows of smoke with every pull. The burn on the Montecristo White Churchill is exquisite, requiring no adjustments. Basically, all the quality you could expect from the construction based off of the elegance of the appearance is here. Nor does the elegance stop at the construction.

The flavors and aromas in this cigar further reflect the smoothness and lightness of the wrapper. The taste is that of wood in the beginning, but it adjusts toward the middle of the smoke into light, peppery cream with a pleasant milky aftertaste. In the final third, further hints of wood and ash return to the forefront.

While this is a mild to medium smoke, it does last a long time. Be prepared to set aside an hour or even two to unwind and fully enjoy the White Churchill. The notes are balanced for a light and delicate flavor, but the volume of smoke makes this a full-bodied and unique experience in many ways. The cigar is priced around $10.00, which is a great price for such an enjoyable smoke which lasts for up to two hours!

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