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Organic vs. Non-Organic CBD Pre-Wraps

CBD Pre-Wrapped

When it comes to choosing a CBD pre-wrap, it is important to know for a fact that what you are getting is the highest-quality hemp flower possible.  By and large, companies that produce pre-wraps put a lot of effort into carefully sourcing the plant material that will be rolled, while making sure that the flower is as fresh as possible.

There is another aspect, however, that’s just as important as every other factor, which is whether or not the hemp is organic.  As you will see, whether or not the hemp is organic does make a huge difference in terms of the quality of the product, coupled with the overall experience you get when using it.

What is a CBD Pre-Wrap?

For those who aren’t aware, a CBD pre-wrap refers to a product consisting of raw hemp flower buds that have been rolled up into some type of paper.  They are exclusively for smoking, with one end lit and the smoke inhaled through the other end.  Pre-wraps come in various strains and sizes and can be rolled in a wide range of papers.


Why Go Organic and What’s the Big Deal About Organic-Based Hemp Flower Anyway?

Well, a lot, as it turns out.  Organic hemp flower implies that the industrial hemp plant is grown on a certified organic hemp farm, registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), so as to verify that the plant is cultivated using only organic methods that have been established by the organization.

Organic hemp is, simply put, better for us, but here are some additional reasons to go with organic pre-wraps:

  1. It’s grown without the use of potentially toxic materials such as pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. These types of farming products are theoretically great for a farming business, but at our expense. They ensure a better yield, but the chemicals that they contain are known to have the potential to cause unwanted effects when consumed.
  2. Organic hemp retains its exceptional composition of nutrients and useful compounds, as many conventional methods can deplete the plant due to exposure to harsh chemicals, while introducing unwanted compounds like heavy metals into the product. This means that going with non-organic hemp, also known as “conventional,” you may simply not be getting all of the compounds and nutrients that you want. Because we use hemp primarily for its chemical composition, it goes without saying that you do not want a product that has less of a nutrient and compound density than you have come to associated with the plant.
  3. The reality is that there is really no reason for hemp farmers to not grow their crops organically. Hemp grows very easily in our country due to favorable conditions. The plant simply isn’t associated with poor yields when grown using these organic methods.
  4. Another thing to consider is the paper itself, in which the flower is rolled. Of course, given the favorable qualities of organic materials that we have been discussing, the paper itself should be organic as well. The paper can vary from one pre-wrap to another, with hemp leaves and bamboo paper being especially popular right now.  These are natural materials that, like hemp, are simply better if they are organic, for the same reasons mentioned above.


Organic is Always the Way to Go   

Now that you understand the importance of choosing organic pre-wraps, how can you know for certain that you are getting an organic product?  Well, the good news is that any legitimate CBD company recognizes that customers desire organic products and will therefore make it clear on their website or product description that they use only organic plant material. Just simply look for a product that clearly states that it’s 100% organic as certified by the USDA, and you are good to go.                                                                    


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