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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Epicure

Cigar Reviews Perdomo

Perdomo is one of the world’s most respected cigar manufacturers, based in Florida.  The tobacco they use is generally harvested in Nicaragua.  While the company’s present incarnation dates only to 1992, the foundation of the company can be traced back as early as 1937 to Silvio Perdomo, who learned the art of cigar making in Cuba.  His tradition has become a standard of excellence among his family members; the modern Perdomo currently has 9 brands of premium cigar on the market and more than 2000 employees.

The Perdomo 10th Anniversary Epicure has a smooth wrapping over a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler of aged tobacco and is available in maduro, champagne, or criollo.  The cigar lights almost instantly and produces a full draw with voluminous smoke right from the offset.  The burn is consistent, as is the aroma and flavor which for the maduro includes cedar, spice, coffee, cream and honey.  Even though there are a number of flavors at play here, there isn’t a whole lot of variation over the duration of the cigar.  The ash clung on till halfway through the smoke and enhanced the flavor before falling away.

This cigar is available for $7.00.  While it doesn’t offer much in the way of surprising twists or morphing flavors, it still has a complex profile which is delightful in its own regard.  This is a steady smoke, both in construction and in flavor.  One of the high points aside from the ash is that this cigar lasts a good hour and a half.  So make sure that you have adequate time to relax and really enjoy the unfolding of the experience.  And don’t forget that the maduro isn’t the only flavor of the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Reserve available; you can also try the Champagne and Cuban Criollo. .

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