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Picking Up a Few Cigar Tips From Watching TV

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Doesn't it seem like the most distinguished television characters of all time always have a cigar in their hand? Since the beginning of television, the cigar has been an accessory of some of our very favorite male actors. 

If you're new to the world of cigars, watching television can actually be very helpful. It's safe to say that no cigar newbie wants to embarrass himself by practicing poor cigar etiquette. Television allows you to observe how experienced stogie enthusiasts enjoy their hobby. 

Here are some tips you could possibly pick up:

Use a Proper Lighter

Have you ever seen a character on television light up a cigar with matches? We didn't think so. Matches tend to negatively impact the flavor of a cigar because of the chemicals from which they're made. Watch how your favorite characters light up during a scene. This can help you become a lighting master. It can also give you an idea of what kind of lighter you would like to invest in. 

Take Your Time

Anyone who has watched television for years knows that a man smoking a cigar in a scene likes to take his time. We all have that image of a man savoring each puff rather than chain-smoking. Cigars have complex, layered flavors that are meant to be enjoyed slowly. While watching TV, observe the amount of time that a character takes between each draw. 

Dress the Part

If you want to exude class, consider the way you dress when you smoke a cigar. The greatest cigar-smoking television characters always seem to be dressed impeccably while they indulge in their hobby. Take Mad Men for instance.

Store Your Cigars and Accessories Properly

When a television character reaches for a cigar, he never pulls one off of a shelf or from a messy pile on his desk. Watching how cigar-smoking TV characters organize and store their cigars and accessories can help you determine how to best care for your own. It's always wise to invest in a humidor in order to keep your cigars in excellent shape. Similarly, it's important to designate one area to all of your cigar accessories

Learn How to Put Your Cigar Out Correctly

Notice that no man on television ever puts his cigar out like he would a cigarette. When you're done smoking, simply leave it in the ashtray and allow it to go out by itself. Otherwise, you might damage the cigar, making it impossible to smoke later on. 

Blow Away from People

Lastly, watching television can help you become a considerate smoker. Notice that no man on television ever blows his smoke in the direction of a person he is talking to. Cigar smoke can be quite dense, meaning that it's best to blow in the other direction when you're in the company of others. 

Keep These TV Cigar Tips Handy

These television-inspired cigar tips will have you smoking like a pro in no time.

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