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Private Stock No. 6

Cigar Reviews Private Stock

From the makers of Davidoff, the Private stock is an exceptional value.  Private Stock No. 6 assaults your senses with a mild to medium bodied distinctive flavor, with each Private Stock hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is all natural, the binder Ecuadorian. The filler is made from a fine blend shipped in from the Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. You can grab a box of 25 for about $65, putting this in the inexpensive range at little more than $2.50 each. But do not let the price fool you. This cigar is worth every penny, probably more. As for the size: Long and kind of thin, at 5 and a quarter inches with a ring gauge of about 46. Private Stock No. 6 cigars are made by Davidoff, a Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand name, which makes a range of products including cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobaccos.

Private Stock is mild to medium bodied and has a slightly metallic flavor that comes from its unique Ecuadorian binder. Each cigar in the Private Stock line is hand-rolled under the direct supervision of legendary cigar master Henke Kelner, whose very name is synonymous with top quality cigars. Kudos to Davidoff about one other thing, though. Because of storage in near tropical conditions for what could be years at a time, cigars tend to change, but not with Davidoff, who has insured consistency in every smoke.
As far as flavor goes, I noticed something beyond the slightly metallic taste that piqued my interest. Something vaguely nutty and herbal, perhaps from the filler. About two inches in, I also detected an aroma that reminded me of burning cork – which is not necessarily bad, just unexpected. Bottom line: This will not be confused for a Davidoff Classic.

After a leisurely smoke, I would describe the Private Stock No. 6 as a wonderful, “anytime” smoke and comes highly recommended. The caveat, though, is the ring gauge or diameter of the cigar at its widest point, which I would say is borderline anemic. If you are going to drop a five spot on a cigar, it should be a little more substantial. Overall, this is a complex cigar for the price. Speaking of which, you can snag a box of 25 for about $65, a good deal in itself, especially if you are throwing a game night bash with college buddies like I did.

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