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Pros and Cons of Glass Top Humidors

Glass Top Humidor

Every cigar collector remembers their first humidor purchase, and how much thought went into choosing the perfect one for their needs. Buying your first humidor is a milestone in the cigar world, as it represents the seriousness of your hobby.  As you know, there are many different kinds of humidors on the market, ranging in terms of size, material, capacity and technology.


One thing that everyone must consider first when choosing a humidor is whether they wish to use one that has a glass top or a wood top.  The glass top humidors tend to be a bit pricier, mainly because of how beautiful they are to look at.  But, does that necessarily mean that their superior?  After all, while many of us want to have an attractive humidor, what’s most important is that it does it job properly.  That’s why we’re going to explore the pros and cons of glass top humidors.


Pro: They Allow You to Look at Your Cigars


Who doesn’t want to admire their beautiful cigar collection?  After all, we invest a good amount of money into our collection, and so it makes sense that we want to be able to see it without having to leave our humidor door open.  Glass top humidors allow us to always keep an eye on them, whether it be to make sure that the humidor is treating them well or to simply appreciate their beauty.


Pro: They’re More Aesthetically Pleasing to Most


No one can deny that glass top humidors are more luxurious looking than wood top humidors.  If you want to impress your friends and family with your cigar hobby, a glass top humidor is the way to go.  It’s a feast for the eyes, both because of its gorgeous design and because of the way in which it allows you to see what’s inside.


Con: They Have Two Seals Rather Than One


Remember that the functionality of a humidor largely relates to its seal.  If it seals completely, it can keep humidity inside.  Glass top humidors have more than one seal, which can increase the likelihood of a poor seal.  One seal is the door seal itself, while the other is the area in which the glass piece has been inserted.


Con: They Must be Properly Tested as the Seal Quality Can Vary


Lastly, glass top humidors must really be tested by their manufacturers to make sure that they do seal completely.  This means that you’re relying heavily on the manufacturer in order to know that a specific one is worth your money.  Of course, many companies do test their glass top humidors for a proper seal.


Based on the Pros and Cons Listed Above…


It’s clear that glass top humidors are capable of doing their job just as efficiently as other kinds.  However, it all depends on from whom you purchase your humidor.  Go with a trusted company if you want to make sure that your cigars are being treated properly by your glass top humidor.

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