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Punch Rare Corojo El Doble Single Review by Ken York

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I’m not a big fan of Punch cigars – not sure why – I’m just not. The exception is their rare corojo. When you look at a Ferrari, you know it’s meant to go fast and give you pleasure. I’m seeing Punch’s rare corojo in the same category. To begin with it’s sitting there in its glass tube tempting you. Just looking at it you know it’s special. Popping the cork and pulling it out of its garage this cigar does not disappoint. The feel is right, a smooth outside, just the right amount of oiliness on its rich Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. I clip the head and take a puff before lighting. I take another puff. I find the flavors coming through this cigar before lighting excellent.

I warm the end with my lighter. I’m getting excited. I take that first puff and it is as good as I remember. Just the right amount of spice and woodsy flavor entering my mouth. It is a rich medium-flavor cigar, and it’s cigars like this that make dealing with all the anti-smoking BS worth it. No one can convince me that passing up on this wonderful enjoyment is a good idea. This cigar pairs well with scotch. For me that translates into Balvenie Doublewood 17  matured first in American oak barrels and finished in European oak sherry casks. The combination of cigar and scotch makes me smile. The flavor builds nicely as it comes to an end.

Punch only releases these cigars once a year in March. When they’re gone, they’re gone. There are only a couple of cigars that I enjoy more than this wonderful stogie. However, each year as March approaches, no cigar gets me as excited.  Grab one and start enjoying.


Construction – 14 out of 15

Fresh out of the humidor, how does the cigar look? Are large veins evident in the wrapper? Does the cigar have a firm feel to it?

Band – 5 out of 5

Is the band an embarrassment that you wouldn’t want to smoke in public?

First Puff – 9 out of 10

How satisfying is the very first puff of the cigar?

Draw – 15 out of 15

Can the cigar be smoked without strain? Does it burn up too quickly?

Flavor – 19 out of 20

Does it achieve all three notes? Does the flavor come through to the smoker sufficiently?

Aroma – 9 out of 10

Is the aroma of the cigar while burning fragrant or offensive?

Ash/Burn – 9 out of 10

Does the cigar produce a solid ash? Is it flaky? Does it canoe?

Value – 13 out of 15

Bucks per puff. For the enjoyment is the cigar reasonably priced?

Total Score: 93 out of 100


Check out the Punch Rare Corojo Review done by my son.

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