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Quarterly Strain Spotlight: Suver Haze

beleave suver haze

Now that hemp flower is becoming more desirable among those seeking out CBD, we are seeing all kinds of exciting strains popping up on the market that offer their own distinctive effects through their unique compositions of chemical compounds.  One of the more popular hemp strains of today is Suver, also known as Suver Haze.

Since we recognize that not everyone shopping for flower has a strong understanding of the nature of individual strains, we will highlight Suver Haze, so that you can have a better idea as to whether or not it’s the strain that you’d like to try based on its properties, effects, and even its flavor and aroma profile that comes from its distinctive profile of terpenes.

Characteristics of Suver

Suver Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was first bred in Oregon. It’s a cross between Early Resin Berry and Suver #8. Was specially developed to offer a very balanced type of effect in the body and mind. The buds are noted for their olive-green color throughout, with lots of golden-orange flecks and a less dense coating of milky trichomes compared to other popular strains on the market. These buds are very dense and have a conical shape that makes them resemble Christmas trees.

Aroma and Flavor

Suver Haze has quite a distinctive aroma and flavor profile that, of course, comes from its unique combination of terpenes. At first, when you smell the buds, you’ll notice woodsy and floral notes that aren’t as sweet as other popular buds on the market. The flavor profile starts off with a fresh burst of citrus that’s bright and zesty, not to mention refreshing. Then, the flavor takes on herbal and floral notes, which are consistent throughout. Many people say that the dominant note of Suver Haze is fresh oranges.
This strain is also known for being exceptionally smooth when smoked. People report that it has less harshness than other strains on the market that are known to make people cough. That alone is a popular reason for keeping a stash of Suver Haze.

Commonly Reported Effects

The dominant terpenes found in Suver Haze’s chemical profile are myrcene, caryophyllene and farnesene, along with humulene.  This combination of terpenes gives the balanced effect that we discussed earlier.  Myrcene and caryophyllene are typically associated with calming strains, as these compounds seem to have relaxing properties.  Meanwhile, the other terpenes present are quite uplifting, which is why you may feel both blissful and euphoric after enjoying a nice solid smoking session.  Note that humulene is a terpene associated with hops, which means that this strain shares some properties in common with your favorite beer.

Suver Haze is not a strain that’s recommended for sleep, as sativa and sativa-dominant hybrids rarely are.  While you may find yourself feeling like you can finally unwind after a session with Suver Haze, the sativa-associated terpenes will still give you something of a buzz that may make you feel motivated, awake and creative rather than sleepy and couch-locked.  You may find that your body feels active while your mind is what experiences most of the more relaxing properties that this strain has to offer.

Suver Haze is often recommended to beginners due to this unique balance of properties, which are neither too calming or too energizing.  It’s a great way to get an idea of what type of effects you’re looking for, and also seems to make the strain appropriate for basically any time of day, unlike strains that do have heavier calming effects that can make you sleepy at inappropriate times.  On top of that, the strain’s properties seem to come on gradually, rather than hitting you out of nowhere, which makes for a more comfortable experience for beginners, specifically.


So, who would most enjoy Suver Haze over other strains?  Ultimately, everyone’s experience will be unique, but we believe that Suver Haze is one of the finest choices for anyone who wants to unwind after a long day at work, but still wants to be active in some way or another.  With its high myrcene content, it can help you unwind and destress, but it shouldn’t knock you out, so you will not feel like you lost an evening that could have otherwise been productive in some way.

If taken earlier on in the day, it can help with creative endeavors, and can help you get through a workday more easily as you will likely find yourself feeling less reactive to day-to-day stressors that you encounter.

Note: While the terpenes in this strain are associated with anti-inflammatory properties, this particular strain is not associated with strong pain-relieving effects, so if that’s what you’re seeking out of the hemp plant, you may wish to try something else.


Suver Haze has a reputation for being extremely easy to grow, to the delight of hemp farmers looking to enjoy the popularity of this hybrid.  Suver Haze is known for being mold-resistant, and on top of that, it seems to be easygoing when it comes to growing conditions, at least compared to other popular strains on the market.  Suver Haze is also known for yielding a uniquely high level of buds which makes it a lucrative option from a farming perspective.

Our Overall Opinion of Suver

There is no doubt that Suver Haze is a people pleaser, with effects that are never too strong one way or another.  Whether you’re a beginner who wants a good introductory strain, or an experienced hemp enthusiast who wants a good middle-ground between sativas and indicas, Suver Haze is absolutely worth adding to your hemp rotation.


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