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Quick Winterizing Tips For Your Cigars

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Being in the winter season may be no fun for cigar smokers. Even with the normal care of your cigars, you still find that your cigars are unraveling. Also, you may notice a dry hit when you smoke them. But, not to worry, with these tips on how to winterize your cigars, they’ll be in perfect shape all through winter. The trick is only in learning the changes that occur during the winter. Then, adjusting how you handle and store your cigars.

What Happens During the Winter?

During the winter, what happens is that the relative humidity goes down. This is because, with cold weather, the humidity in the atmosphere is very low. This is compared to warmer outdoor conditions.

Handling Your Cigars

Knowing that the humidity is low in the atmosphere, you’ve to learn how to handle your cigars in such humidity. When removing them from the humidor, ensure that you waste no time with the humidor open. Also, ensure that you smoke inside your home, maybe in a garage, where you family rarely visits. The insides of your house are warmer than outside at this time. Therefore, your cigars won’t be exposed to an environment where they could dry out due to lack of moisture.

Storage of Cigars

An important part of winterizing your cigars is by learning how to store them in this season. This season, invest in purchasing an electronic humidor. An electronic humidor enables you to reset the relative humidity session,  ensuring that the set relative current humidity matches the season. However, if you cannot afford an electronic humidor, you need not worry. With a few tips, your passive humidor is just as good. You can recharge it to increase humidity. You can add distilled water to the device to produce additional moisture. Also, you may consider purchasing gel beads. You place the open jar full of gel beads in the humidor. With time, you’ll notice the gel beads shrinking. This is a good sign as it shows moisture is being released by them to your humidor.

To enjoy a superior cigar smoking experience during this cold season, these are a few of the things that need to be done.

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