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Remembering to Calibrate Your Hygrometer!

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Hygrometer display set at 73%

If you're going to be a serious cigar collector, you need to know how to properly care for your stogies while you store them away for later use. If you keep your cigars in a humidor, your hygrometer must be properly calibrated on a fairly regular basis. 

A hygrometer is a small dial that measures the amount of humidity in any given space. Over time, a hygrometer can start giving you inaccurate readings. The good news is that you can calibrate it regularly in order to make sure that it's perfectly accurate. 

If your hygrometer is not properly calibrated, the humidity level in your humidor may be off. If the humidity level is too low, your cigars will become dry and brittle, making them practically useless. If the humidity level is too high, however, your cigars will be spongy and moist, making them impossible to light. Cigars that are exposed to humidity levels that are too high can also develop mold. 

Fortunately, calibrating your hygrometer is a fairly simple practice that only needs to be executed about once a year. Plus, this routine allows you to relax since you'll know for certain that your precious cigars are being well cared for. 

Before you get started, you'll need some table salt, distilled water, a large resealable plastic bag and a small container. Place a spoonful or so of the salt inside of the container. Then, wet it slightly so that it's damp but not excessively wet. 

Now, take your salt-filled container and your hygrometer and place them both inside of the plastic bag. Seal the bag tightly to make sure that no air can enter. Let this sit overnight. 

The next morning, check your hygrometer. It should read 75 percent. This is because of the humidity level that's created by the combination of salt and water. If your hygrometer reading is lower or higher, adjust it so that it is at 75 percent. 

If you're especially concerned about accuracy, feel free to redo the experiment after adjusting the hygrometer to 75 percent. This will give you the assurance that you need in order to feel confident that your cigars will be properly humidified. 

By calibrating your hygrometer annually, you'll be able to take proper care of your treasured cigars. This simple practice makes an enormous difference when it comes to providing your cigars with the perfect level of humidity.

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