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Selecting the Right Size Humidor

 As most of you in the cigar world know, there are numerous types (styles, sizes, and shapes) of cigar humidors out there. That is why you need to make sure that you purchase a humidor that can best accommodate your cigar collection (or future collection). Here are a couple of examples for determining this:

  • If you collect or distribute cigars, you might be better off going with a room humidor. These “walk-in” models are normally the size of a walk-in closet and can be used to house large quantities of different cigar types for extended amounts of time.
  • If you only have a few dozen cigars, and plan on collecting roughly that same amount, a traditional humidor might be a good choice. This kind of humidor can easily carry around fifty cigars, with an additional benefit of providing a lot of aesthetic appeal. They can blend in with the furniture in your home or office, which is a bonus.

Now, if you select the incorrect size humidor (either too big or too small), you could risk not being able to properly maintain temperature or humidity levels in your unit. Here are a couple of examples of this:

  • If the cigar humidor is too small, you will be forced to cram your cigars together, which could affect their flavor.
  • If too large, you will fair to maximize your humidor’s interior space, and all the extra humidity could get absorbed by the cigars, rather than keeping them in optimal condition.

A common solution to the above issues is to purchase a cigar humidor that is slightly larger than what you need for your collection. That way, if you ever decide to purchase a few extra cigars from BnB Tobacco, the flexibility to include them in your unit will be there.

But the opposite isn’t true: you cannot shrink down in humidor size if your cigar collection is smaller than you had originally anticipated. You should try to have as little empty space in your humidor as possible, once all the cigars are placed inside of it.

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