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Some NEW Things Everyone Should Know When Purchasing Hemp Pre-rolls

Some NEW Things Everyone Should Know When Purchasing Hemp Pre-rolls, News

Did you know that CBD flower pre-rolls come in all kinds of varieties, including unique strains, sizes, and wrap materials?  Not only that, but they can also vary in terms of quality and effectiveness.  Why?  Due to a number of factors such as age, packaging, and organic status of raw plant material.

Now, every company/manufacturer can put their own unique spin on this type of product.  So, it’s imperative to understand how they can differ on an individual level.

#1: Type of Strain

First of all, as most of you know, hemp comes in a huge array of strains, each with its own specific configuration of chemical compounds which results in a completely unique flavor, aroma and variety of prominent effects.  Companies that make pre-rolls can work with any variety of hemp strains that they want, and it’s important to check out the different strains that are available to ensure that you find one that is suitable to the particular type of effects that you’re seeking out.  Most companies offer their flower in a variety of strains, knowing that each customer has specific needs and goals in mind.

#2: Amount of Hemp Flower

The size of the pre-roll can vary, determining how much flower is actually in a pre-roll.  This is important to pay attention to for a couple of reasons.

  1. Value is important because a company may charge way too much for a pre-roll that contains a small amount of flower compared to what other companies offer.
  2. We all have a specific amount of cannabinoids and other compounds we’re looking to consume in one sitting. Particularly large pre-rolls may require that we put out the product halfway through smoking it and save it for later.  Meanwhile, exceptionally small pre-rolls may not offer enough potency for individuals looking to take in higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

#3: Hemp Flower's Purity

A pre-roll should contain only pure, raw hemp flower with no added ingredients, unless the product is advertised as a specialty pre-roll that combines hemp flower with another active ingredient, such as an essential oil with valuable properties that’s safe to inhale into the lungs.  Pre-rolls should never contain preservatives or other synthetic ingredients, nor should it contain trim or shake that comes off of the flower that has low compound density, and simply acts as filler.

#4: Wrapper

The flower inside the pre-roll is obviously important, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the actual wrap that the flower is rolled into.  The material of the wrap can vary based on each company’s priorities.  Raw hemp leaf is a great choice, but there are various wraps out there including rice paper and other options made from organic materials.  Essentially, a wrap should be all-natural, and should be unbleached and generally untreated with chemicals.

#5: Filter or No Filter

Yes, some pre-rolls have a filter at the end, and some do not.  This is a matter of personal preference.  Filtered pre-rolls can stop bits of flower from entering your mouth, while also making the smoke smoother and less harsh.  On the flip side, filters make the hits slightly weaker as well by slightly minimizing the amount of smoke that can pass through.

#6: How are the Pre-Rolls Packaged?

Packaging is extremely important, because it indicates how fresh the flower is when it arrives to you.  Pre-rolls should be sealed in some type of airtight packaging, whether it be a container or a plastic wrap.  Flower can degrade after several months, and if it’s exposed to air, it can degrade sooner.  Once flower degrades, its compound potency is lost, meaning, the product will not deliver the level of effects you’re looking for.

#7: Are There Lab Reports?

Like all hemp products, flower pre-rolls should always come with lab reports.  This means that the company that produces the pre-rolls has their hemp sent to a third-party laboratory that is authorized by the state to identify the quality, purity, and chemical composition of the product, while also checking for microbes and contaminants.  Lab reports should be easy to find on the company’s website in order to verify everything needed from an unbiased source.

#8: Organic or Non-Organic Flower

If the hemp flower is organic (which is the choice you should go with), this means the hemp plant itself was grown using USDA-approved organic methods.  Organic hemp is free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other synthetics that you ultimately shouldn’t be inhaling into your lungs.  Also, organic hemp has a higher compound density as organic growing methods maintain the stability of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable compounds within the plant material.

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