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Stressed? Pass on the Stogie!

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We all know that smoking a cigar is a very relaxing pastime. For some, it goes even deeper into a culture or something that’s very much a part of their everyday lives. However, just because smoking a cigar is relaxing, it’s not really considered to be a stress reliever. What this means is simple: if you’re under a lot of stress, you are likely to make mistakes, or do things wrong that’ll ruin the whole stick. This could be a real let down if you happen to ruin a cigar you had been saving for a long time, or one that was rather pricey.

Don’t Be Mad
If you’re really mad or stressed out (we’re talking hands shaking here), you shouldn’t even be thinking about a stogie. Being this emotional is only going to make you do things incorrectly due to your state of mind. You might bite off the tip where you would usually cut. Worst yet, you might be puffing too often and not letting the stick rest as it should. Neither of those, in my opinion at least, would hold a candle to not enjoying the flavors properly. Even if you aren’t quite that mad, you really just aren’t going to have the same experience when you’re stressed or mad as you would when you’re calm – and experience is everything.

Do Something Else
Lots of cigar smokers know not to smoke when they’re not in the proper frame of mind. As was mentioned, the kind of devotion it takes to truly appreciate a good cigar comes from a place of calm, and should never be taken lightly. You can, though, indulge in a couple of other de-stress activities. You should consider trying to relax by watching a favorite movie, or maybe having a drink or two. If you have the ability, maybe go blow off some steam with exercise. If you have an intimate partner, maybe get a little frisky. Lots of people also find going for a long drive with your favorite music calming. The point is, there are a hundred other things you could and should do besides smoke.

You know how it feels to be in a good mood and really, truly enjoy every aspect of a cigar’s experience. If you’ve had a bad day, do one of the alternative stress relievers above, and make sure you have a clear and level head before you go to your humidor. Most cigar smokers will tell you that when they are stressed, they don’t even think about a cigar, because they know they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it properly. After you’ve calmed down enough, by all means go for a cigar. Just make sure you don’t waste one by not enjoying it fully.

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