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How Strong Is Too Strong of a Cigar?

BnB Tobacco choosing the right stogie Cigar Articles Cigar How To's cigar smoking cigars strength tips

  Avoiding Cigars That Are Too Strong The potency of a cigar can be too high for some casual smokers. Recently, cigar companies have been making stronger cigars that can burn your throat and tongue as well as make your stomach upset if you are not use to the strength. Here are a few options that may help you find a cigar that is right for you here at Bnb Tobacco. Different Types of Cigars and Their Benefits The amount of nicotine in a cigar is what will make them too strong for casual smokers. Cigars that have been made...

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Casa Garcia Cigars – True Premium Cigars

BnB Tobacco Casa Garcia Cigars Cigar Reviews natural sweetness premium cigars smooth and mild flavor

Casa Garcia Cigars are some of the most well-known cigars on the market. These cigars are 100% authentic and made in the Dominican Republic. They have a smooth mild flavor with a hint of natural sweetness. The flavor of Casa Garcia cigars stays constant throughout the smoke. These cigars are sweet, light on the spices, and great for a light smoke anytime of the day. Once you try Casa Garcia cigars, you will have a new favorite cigar. A pleasant aroma follows these cigars. The scent is fragrant without being overbearing. With Casa Garcia cigars, you get the best cigar...

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Java Cigars From BnB Tobacco

BnB Tobacco Cigar Reviews java cigars Rocky Patel stogies

Java by Drew Estate for Rocky Patel cigars are unique and refined. The sweet and aromatic coffee scents make this an incredible treat for special occasions or for the devout coffee and cigar enthusiast. These cigars are reasonably affordable for the daily smoker; however, their uniqueness lends to the image of its being more of a leisure pursuit. This cigar is best when relaxing in the summertime afternoon during a BBQ or for social functions with friends. The wrappings for these cigars are infused with java and mocha. The end is sugarcoated to make your first puff sweet and tantalizing....

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Cigar Samplers Are The Way To Go

BnB Tobacco Cigar Reviews cigars products samplers

Are you becoming completely overwhelmed by our extensive range of quality cigar brands and products? It’s not surprising! It can be confusing reading one delicious cigar description after the next. Just as you think that you’ve found the perfect cigar product, you come across another that looks and sounds equally tempting. Don’t stress! We have the perfect solution for you. Samplers are available for you to choose the best sample package of your top ranked products. This way you get to sample all of the cigar and tobacco products that tickle your fancy before committing whole-heartedly to one. There’s nothing...

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3 Benefits of Purchasing Machine Made Cigars

BnB Tobacco Cigar Articles machine-made cigars options savings tips

Most websites are stuck in the past, toting lies that confuse the consumer, convincing him that the only cigars worth buying are hand made cigars, but those bias misconceptions are currently being proven wrong. Here are three extremely real benefits to buying machine made cigars. 1. Respect Your Wallet People assume that because hand-made cigars have a much higher sticker price that why must be the best of the best, but just because a cigar is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better cigar. Sure, it’s fun to flash around an pricey piece to puff on, but it really...

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