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New to Cigars? Try a Cigar Sampler

BnB Tobacco Cigar Articles cigar sampler cigars Corona Cuban Toro variety types and flavors

Cigars aren’t just smoked; they’re enjoyed. A new member of the cigar smoker’s club will soon learn that it takes experience to find the perfect cigar that provides the pleasure you’ve come looking to find. There are many different types of cigars available. The Cuban cigar is far and wide the most popular of these types. You will also find cigars such as Corona, Toro and many others. Defining each of these types of cigars isn’t easy. They’re all unique and special in their own way. You should try them all to discover which is right for your needs. Doing...

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Key Benefits of Having Little Filtered Cigars

affordable benefits BnB Tobacco Cigar Articles flavors little filtered cigars on the go quick fix

Are you are fan of little filtered cigars? If not, then you should be, because there are some benefits of having and using them such as the following: They’re Great To Have When You’re On the Go One of the best things about having little filtered cigars on you, are that they’re great when you’re on the go. Sometimes you’re too busy throughout the day and you don’t have enough room to pack normal sized cigars. Little ones can usually fit in your pockets very easily, which means when you’re out and about, just take out your cigars, light up,...

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Guide for Cigar Beginners

blueberry BnB Tobacco chocolate Cigar Articles cigars expensive brands flavors humidor inhale mild brands mild-medium peach

People that’re interested in cigars may not know where to begin. There are so many different types of cigars here at BnB Tobacco. Many different flavors are available, and the prices do range. It can seem somewhat confusing, but there are 5 tips below that can help any beginning cigar smoker that’s new to buying cigars. 1. Start With the Mild Brands Anyone that is planning to smoke cigars for the very first time is going to need to consider the mild brands first. Anything else is going to be overpowering for a new cigar smoker. The strength of a...

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