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What Makes Corleone Such a Reputable Brands For Pipes?

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Style is something that one must possess and that’s where Corleone stands out as a reputable brand for pipes. Corleone has a history of delivering signature pipes that give you the right amount of smoke and aroma. They’ve always utilized signature wood to deliver the magnificent styles and colors that accentuate your lifestyle. They’ve a reputation of making their products quality and affordable. Corleone is manufactured by American businessman, Guillermo Rico. In fact, Guillermo is a third generation master blender. All of his products are crafted with his unique signature of love and passion for pipes, cigars, and tobacco. Only...

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Success and a Cigar Go Hand In Hand

Belicoso brands business deals Cigar Articles cigars Liga Privada success

There are times we see a successful business man make a huge financial business deal and light a cigar in regards to the occasion. Why? Cigar smoke, million dollar deals, and success go hand in hand. Once you choose the cigar that you want to smoke during your moment of success it is now time to sit back and enjoy your carefully selected cigar. The volume of smoke that is absorbed with create pleasure and sufficiency. Top 2 Cigars For Success Belicoso is an attractive cigar that coincides with success. It’s smooth and leaves no oily residue on your hands (which’s...

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The Complexity of Some Cigars

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Each cigar is designed to seal in flavor until it’s lit. Smokers can identify musky aromas by sniffing the exterior of a rolled Corona. Hand rolled cigars feature aged tobacco leaves tightly packed in a specialty paper. They’re durable and may be smoked for a considerable length of time. Evaluating The Appearance Of Cigars Surprisingly, the appearance of each cigar informs people before they inhale. Each should be tightly rolled and have a fermented smell to it. But given the variety of manufacturers, it pays to visual inspect each model. Coronas and Panatelas are exotic names for these differing shapes....

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What Your Cigar Says About You

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What you choose to smoke can act like your calling card and make a strong first impression. Here’s a brief overview of what message you’ll be sending out. A Primer on Size and Length Cigars come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each brand will have some, or all of the sizes. The longer the cigar the longer the smoke, the larger the ring size (the diameter of the cigar) the slower the smoke as well. There are certain types of cigar that’re wrapped looser or tighter and don’t obey by those rules exactly, but you’ll discover which those...

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The Top Cigars to Celebrate at a Wedding

1964 Anniversary Padron Arturo Fuente Collection Arturo Fuente Hemingway brands Cigar Articles Cigar Reviews cigars Cohiba Montecristo Romeo y Julieta wedding

“A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.” -Raul Julia A fine cigar is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding day. But what is the perfect cigar for the guests, the groom, the groomsman or even the bride to enjoy on the special day? Here are 6 choices we came up with: Cigar Choice #1: Cohiba Cigars This always a great first choice. This fine cigar is a classy pick that delivers a pleasant aroma and leaves the palate with a pleasing aftertaste. Some cigars leave a harsh aftertaste but the Cohiba will enhance everyone’s wedding experience....

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