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What Are Filtered Cigars?

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  Many cigar manufacturers are now producing many filtered cigars in a variety of flavors. Before you go out and buy these products, you must understand how they’re made, the usage, benefits, and the most popular brands. What’s a Filtered Cigar? A filtered cigar is made of cellulose, which is harvested from wood. Because each cigar also contains thousands of plastic fibers, consumers must dispose the product in the most environmentally friendly way. If the cigars aren’t disposed properly, the environment will be affected because the filtered cigars aren’t biodegradable. Typical Filtered Cigar Uses Filtered cigars are designed for people...

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Top 3 Summer Cigars from BnB Tobacco

100% Dominican Republic Alec Bradley Tempus Genesis BnB Tobacco brands Cigar Reviews cigars Evermore Corona Grande summertime Top 3 Picks

There are many people who would argue that you could enjoy a good cigar at any time, but with summer just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on the best cigars for the season. Many people associate summer with relaxation and good times spent with great friends. That’s one of the reasons why we offer such a wide variety of cigars for just about any occasion, but the following are our top picks for this summer. Cigar Pick #3: 100% Dominican Churchill One of our best cigar brands we have and that are perfect for the summertime. These cigars...

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Rocky Patel Cigars Offer Consistent Quality

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Rocky Patel Cigars have been a trusted brand of cigar for the last two decades. Owner Rocky Patel’s dedication to the production of these high quality stogies has earned the brand numerous 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado magazine. He’s greatly respected and admired in the cigar-making industry. Mr. Patel was an attorney in the entertainment industry who rubbed shoulders with many Hollywood actors. His passion for cigars began when he was introduced to them in the mid-1990s. Presented with a unique business opportunity, he sold his practice and spent the next five years in Honduras learning everything about cigar making...

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The 3 Top Cigars to Have With Your Wine

Ashton Cabinet Belicoso BnB Tobacco brands Cigar Reviews cigars Lucero Churchill Maduro Nestor Vintage Maduro premium tobacco smoking wine

There are some cigars that’re perfect to have with wine. Regardless if you’re a new or experienced cigar smoker, these top 3 would go great with your wine: Ashton Cabinet Belicoso The next time you have a glass of wine, light up an Ashton Cabinet Belicoso. This is a natural tasting cigar that you will love. Asides from the natural flavor, you will love the fact that it was handcrafted with a number Dominican tobaccos. If you’re looking for a rich, creamy and tasty cigar to have with your wine, then get your hands on the Ashton Cabinet Belicoso. Nestor...

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Top 5 Cigar Packs Under $40

brands Casa Garcia Colossal Bundle Cigar Reviews Cigars Under $40 Romeo y Julieta 3ct Golf Sampler RP 1992 Vintage Juniors 5ct Tin Sparrow Full Flavor Little Cigars Swisher Sweet Slims

Finding a good pack of cigars is a hard task, but finding cigars that’re under $40 is even harder. At BnB Tobacco, you could in fact find good quality cigar packs for under this price. Cigars like that can also be affordable to many people who enjoy their taste. In order of quality and reviews, the below cigars are rated to be the Top 5 that you can purchase from us: Casa Garcia Colossal Bundle The Casa Garcia Colossal Bundle comes in either a pack of 10 for $29.99 or you can purchase them individually at $3.99 a cigar or a...

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