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The Lore of the NBA Championship Cigar Celebrations

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“He was the one person who smoked cigars in the Fleet Center; it was a non-smoking venue.” -Bill Russell on Red Auerbach. A great victory deserves a great cigar. Championships in all sports, and often in all aspects of life, are cerebrated with victory cigars. For this article, we’re going to take a look at victory cigars that have a special place in NBA Championship Finals lore and legend. When fans think of NBA Championships, they think of Red Aurebach. And when anyone thinks of Aurebach, besides his legendary basketball career as a coach and an executive, they think of his...

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10 Great Ways to Enjoy a Cigar – Vote on your Favorite!

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Just like the countless varieties of cigars ranging from flavors to intensity, there are a wide variety of reasons to enjoy a cigar. From life milestones to special occasions, cigars can make an event even more special. In this blog post we’ve listed ten special occasions for smoking a cigar. At the bottom of the blog post we’ve added a survey for you to vote on your favorite or submit your own. Let’s start with life milestones. Weddings Getting married is always a happy time and a great reason to celebrate with a large group of people. If you are...

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