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Cigars and Politics- Cigar Usage Changed in White House in Later Years – Part 2 of 2

Cigar Reviews cigar smoking Cuba Trade Embargo enjoying cigars Pop Culture smoking from a pipe tobacco products

Part two of my blog on cigars and politics takes a look at cigar usage in modern times and how it changed in the White House in the later years. Starting with fourth U.S. President James Madison’s term until approximately the mid-twentieth century, cigars had its own special place in the White House. For those who smoked, enjoying cigars was a way to alleviate stress, something to do while discussing important legislation or a relaxing after-dinner ritual to bond with dinner guests. For example, President Eisenhower enjoyed retiring to the Green Room with his male dinner guests for cigars and...

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Famous Political Cigar Smokers

cigar industry cigar smoking Cuban cigars Cuban Embargo Fidel Castro John F. Kennedy Kind Edward VII Pop Culture smoking a cigar Tom Delay Winton Churchill

Some of the most famous men in history have smoked cigars.  Be it statesmen, writers, philosophers, scientists, entertainers, or athletes, these gentlemen have changed the world with a cigar clenched firmly in their teeth.  But with the November elections not far off, we thought we would take a decidedly non-partisan look at the most famous political smokers in history. Winston Churchill—Admit it, you knew that Churchill would have to be the first on our list.  The greatest British statesman of the twentieth century (perhaps of all time), Churchill was an orator of the highest power, delivering speeches that inspired and...

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How to Smoke a Cigar

cigar beginner Cigar How To's cigar smoke cigar smoking cigars how to smoke a cigar humidifier mild cigar premium cigars tobacco shop retailer

Just for the fun of it, I recently invited some of my non-cigar-smoking friends over to my place for some relaxation time and I decided to show them a little of what they were missing. It turned into a fun lesson on how to smoke a cigar and I actually got a few converts out of the experience. In fact, they can’t wait until the next time we can share a cigar smoke over some drinks. So if you are a cigar beginner or are thinking of giving it a try, check out below some of the tips I shared...

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