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Celebrate The Birth of a Child With A Cigar

cigar Cigar Articles fatherhood girl parenthood

Enjoying a good cigar is a traditional way to celebrate various life-changing events like the birth of a first-born child. This is a blessed occasion that deserves special recognition. Handing out a favorite cigar or one especially chosen to commemorate the day leaves a lasting impression. Inhabitants in Central America, South America and the Caribbean smoked handmade rolled tobacco leaves. They brought that tradition to the new world of America. It soon became a custom of Indians in the New World to give handmade cigars as prized gifts. In the socialized world, expectant fathers paced and smoked to pass the...

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The Science of Smoking a Cigar

cigar Cigar Articles cutting a cigar enjoying a cigar lighting a cigar smoking

Cigar smoking existed back in the days when Columbus first came to America. Native Americans used to wrap tobacco in maize leaves to smoke it. Information from the 1700’s reveals that most cigars were purchased from Cuba and the West Indies. The first cigar factory to open in the U.S. was in Connecticut in 1810. During the 1800’s and 1900’s, most cigars in the U.S. were manufactured locally. Around the time of World War I, the popularity of cigar smoking declined because more and more people were picking up cigarette smoking. Tobacco used to manufacture cigars is different from that used...

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Which Type of Liquor Goes Best with a Premium Cigar

cigar Cigar How To's coffees full flavored cigar liquor premium cigar rum scotch whiskey

“Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”—Willy Wonka One of the most frequent questions asked about cigars is which type of liquor goes best with a good smoke.  Alcohol and cigars go hand-in-hand for many as two of their favorite vices, so naturally the question is a valid one.  Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear cut answer for this.  Many people experiment until they find the brand of cigar which they feel suits them the best and then stick with it.  Others try different things as their tastes in cigars evolve.  The same can be said for alcohol.  Here, then, are...

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Top Ten Cigar Smoking Comic Book Characters

cigar Cigar Articles cigar connoisseur comic characters comics fine cigars Pop Culture tobacco

  Over the past few years, it has been almost impossible to avoid the resurgence of comic books.  These “kids” books are anything but.  The themes and artwork are more adult and even the name has changed with “graphic novel” now being the accepted term for a collection of multiple comics.  And with The Avengers breaking one billion dollars in worldwide box office, the trend looks like it will continue for years to come.  So now, let’s look at the Top Ten Cigar Smoking Comic Book Characters of all time. 10.  Howard the Duck—Just making the cut at #10 is...

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The Most Expensive Cigars in the World

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  Cigars have often gotten an unfair stereotype for being a rich man’s luxury.  Certainly, the fact that most good quality cigars are hand-rolled make the products more costly than their mass produced counterparts in the cigarette industry.  But many affordable cigars still offer a pleasant and satisfying smoking experience.  But this does bring up an interesting question:  Just what are the most expensive cigars in the world?  Narrowing down this list can be a bit tricky since product lines vary and international distribution through online companies may cause the prices to fluctuate slightly.  But here is a list (alphabetically,...

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