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Add Some Nice Cigar Wall Art to Your Life

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  If you’re a cigar aficionado and you also have a fine appreciation of art it would be a wonderful concept to integrate the two in a smoking room. Imagine a warm room with a fireplace, dark wood, a fine quality humidor and a wonderful wet bar with cognac. In this room, you are surrounded by fine quality cigar wall art that exemplifies one of your favorite joys while relaxing in deep cushioned chairs and enjoying fabulous conversation with friends and business associates. There are wonderful canvas prints available from such great artists as Floriana Barbu, John Neidert, Laurence Adamson,...

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For a Cigar Smoker and a Vaping User

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The world of tobacco smoking is changing but don’t tell lifelong cigar lovers that. Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-hookahs, and MODS have hit the market hard, and it’s undeniably cleaner and easier to store these methods of smoking than the costs involved in keeping cigars fresh. That however, isn’t the point of cigar smoking. The enjoyment of sitting down and tasting the depth of flavor not found anywhere else is what keeps cigar smoking popular. Some would say more popular now than in their initial hey-day. Cigar clubs and smoking lounges are becoming increasingly popular and the safety of e-cigarettes is...

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