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Learning the Cigar Lingo

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Cigars have been the center of social life for hundreds of years. Men have been able to sit down and relax with a drink of choice in their hand and a quality cigar in the other. With the company of good friends and family, the enjoyment of a nice cigar was made even more complete. After generations and generations of smoking cigars, there has naturally developed some lingo around this area of social life. It is a lingo that keeps evolving through the years but still holds enough form to create a vernacular. Introduced here are some of the most...

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The Look of an Experienced Cigar Smoker

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Smoking a cigar correctly adds class and elegance to a person’s physical appearance. You can differentiate a pro from an amateur by how they light the cigar, how they hold it, and how they put it off. A cigar smoking gurus knows that before you light a cigar, you need to first cut it and toast it, then proceed with lighting it. A quality cigar cutter gives the opening a sharp look, unlike a blunt poor quality cutter. An experienced cigar smoker knows the right size to cut so that the cigar doesn’t unwraps and how to do so with...

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