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Herb and Spice Flavors in Your Cigar

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  Sometimes cigar aficionados get caught up and full of themselves when it comes to infused, or flavored cigars. They forget that sometimes it’s OK to smoke something not ultra premium as a one off or a treat every now and again. They also get wrapped up in some of the information and myths that were perpetuated years ago about certain sticks or manufacturers. As early as a few year, flavored cigars (think Dutch Masters or White Owl) were the standard for flavored or infused cigars. But times have changed, and several infused manufacturers are now producing high-quality hand rolled...

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A Quick Intro: Cigar Types

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There’s an array of different cigar styles and sizes out there. With that said, yes it can get confusing, but we’ll break down just the basics today as we look at the different styles that are available and how the sizes are categorized. To begin, there are both domestic and international cigars. Both of these can either be hand-rolled or machine rolled. The hand-rolled category can be further subdivided into what’re called premium and boutique cigars. The primary distinction between a boutique cigar and any other premium hand-rolled cigar has to do with quantity. In order for a cigar to...

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What Makes Sweet Cigars So Sweet?

Cigar Articles flavors smoking sweet cigars

Sweet cigars are emerging out on the market for those interested. They’re carefully blended and designed to evoke a powerful sensation for the smoker. Sweet cigars are a unique blend that is hard for everyday manufacturers to meet. But buyers understandably want to figure out how the sweet taste is made during the manufacturing process itself. There are important additives that need to be incorporated to keep the cigar smelling its sweetest. Buyers have to follow through on purchases to get their cigars shipped to them. Additives may be applied to the cigar to give it the best overall taste...

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Key Benefits of Having Little Filtered Cigars

Cigar Articles flavors little filtered cigars on the go quick fix

Are you are fan of little filtered cigars? If not, then you should be, because there are some benefits of having and using them such as the following: They’re Great To Have When You’re On the Go One of the best things about having little filtered cigars on you, are that they’re great when you’re on the go. Sometimes you’re too busy throughout the day and you don’t have enough room to pack normal sized cigars. Little ones can usually fit in your pockets very easily, which means when you’re out and about, just take out your cigars, light up,...

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Guide for Cigar Beginners

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People that’re interested in cigars may not know where to begin. There are so many different types of cigars here at BnB Tobacco. Many different flavors are available, and the prices do range. It can seem somewhat confusing, but there are 5 tips below that can help any beginning cigar smoker that’s new to buying cigars. 1. Start With the Mild Brands Anyone that is planning to smoke cigars for the very first time is going to need to consider the mild brands first. Anything else is going to be overpowering for a new cigar smoker. The strength of a...

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