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Can The Hot Weather Affect Your Cigars?

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One thing that’s important to know when you decide to become a cigar smoker is that something as simple as the weather can really affect your smoking experience, which is one reason smokers tend to carry and protect their cigars in humidors, but I’m not going to get into the depths of that. I want to explain exactly why and how hot weather and humidity can affect tur cigars and ruin your smoking experience. First things first, it’s vital to know that cigars already maintain a moisture level of about 12% -15%. This is so that the richness and taste...

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Signs of a Broken Humidor

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There are a number of different ways in which a humidor might be broken. However, the most important and frequent problem is a malfunction in the humidor’s hygrometer. Below are two different methods you can use to troubleshoot your hygrometer based on the type you’re using, either analog or digital. ANALOG HYGROMETERS: To check analog hygrometers, simply soak a hand towel and wrap it around your hygrometer. Let it sit this way for 30 minutes and then check the reading. If the hygrometer should register anything other than 100% humidity, it’ll need to be re-calibrated. As a note, it’s important...

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Humidors are Important for Cigar Storage

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Smoking cigars are a great way to pass time for anyone who enjoys the flavor. They’re known to be associated with the finer things in life. It takes a certain individual to smoke a cigar, and some individuals smoke them only for special occasions, while others simply enjoy the taste and action of smoking. Whatever the reason, anyone who does know how important it is to properly store and maintain them for maximum freshness, moisture, and flavor has one. Purchasing a humidor from BnB Tobacco is a great investment because they protect the cigars from our environment. If you were to...

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Guide for Cigar Beginners

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People that’re interested in cigars may not know where to begin. There are so many different types of cigars here at BnB Tobacco. Many different flavors are available, and the prices do range. It can seem somewhat confusing, but there are 5 tips below that can help any beginning cigar smoker that’s new to buying cigars. 1. Start With the Mild Brands Anyone that is planning to smoke cigars for the very first time is going to need to consider the mild brands first. Anything else is going to be overpowering for a new cigar smoker. The strength of a...

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