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Light Your Pipe Like a Pro

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Other than packing properly, lighting can be one of the more difficult things for new pipe smokers to get right. A lot depends on the method and the tools that you choose, and in some cases the habits you develop when you’re starting out. Mostly, pipe smokers use wood matches (paper matches from gas stations or convenience stores should never be used), butane lighters, or liquid fuel lighters. All three will invariably get the job done, but there are pros and cons of both. The second part of it is the actual method of lighting the tobacco. We’ll touch on...

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3 Things A Cigar Smoker Should Never Do

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Smoking cigars is a passion, not a habit. It’s an enlightenment that takes pride, one with patience and etiquette. If you’re a person with experience then you are certainly aware of the technique used when savoring a cigar moment. On the other hand, if you are one who is just now tapping into your passion for cigars then educate yourself about the proper dos and don’ts associated with your newly discovered past-time. Many new smokers are usually quick to compare cigar smoking with the similarities of regular cigarette smoking. The true fact is, the two are not one in the...

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The Art of Lighting a Woman’s Cigar

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There were days not so long ago when smoking was a sort of social introduction. Those were the days when a man could smoothly light a cigar for a woman and it was an opportunity to briefly converse and interact with her in a social setting. This single action was the sophisticated answer to the awkward obstacle of breaking the ice. With the number of women who smoke tobacco dwindling and the cultural switch to electronic alternatives, it is important to know exactly how to give a woman a light without having to hesitate or fumble if you are ever...

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