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Casa Garcia Cigars – True Premium Cigars

Cigar Reviews natural sweetness premium cigars smooth and mild flavor

Casa Garcia Cigars are some of the most well-known cigars on the market. These cigars are 100% authentic and made in the Dominican Republic. They have a smooth mild flavor with a hint of natural sweetness. The flavor of Casa Garcia cigars stays constant throughout the smoke. These cigars are sweet, light on the spices, and great for a light smoke anytime of the day. Once you try Casa Garcia cigars, you will have a new favorite cigar. A pleasant aroma follows these cigars. The scent is fragrant without being overbearing. With Casa Garcia cigars, you get the best cigar...

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Cigarillos vs. Large Cigars – A Size Comparison

Cigar Articles Cigar How To's cigarillo cigarillos cigars premium cigars small cigars tiparillos

  While some cigar smokers become attached to one specific cigar size, many lovers of the leaf enjoy different cigar sizes based on the specific smoking situation. While most serious cigar enthusiasts enjoy the traditional range of larger cigar sizes, the cigarillo will always have it’s place in the humidor. The cigarillo size provides a variety of benefits for every cigar lover, and the right cigarillo smoked at just the right time can be a perfect smoking experience just like smoking a large cigar. About Cigarillos Premium cigarillos, or small cigars, are cigars enclosed with dried tobacco leaf and are...

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Top 3 Cigars to Smoke For May From BnB Tobacco

Cigar Reviews May Montecristo Padron premium cigars Romeo y Julieta smoking

The premium cigars that have been chosen for the cigars of the month of May include: Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and Padron premium cigars. Padron Premium Cigars: These cigars are handmade with 100% blends of Dominican tobacco. These cigars are ideal for everyday cigar smokers, as well as for remarkable occasions. These cigars come in a quality type series. Each series has a one of a kind enjoyable flavors with particular features. Each cigar varies in the distinctive tastes, while having a steady and long lasting burning pace. Montecristo Premium Cigar: These brands have extravagant quality that is achieved when smoking. The...

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How to Smoke a Cigar

cigar beginner Cigar How To's cigar smoke cigar smoking cigars how to smoke a cigar humidifier mild cigar premium cigars tobacco shop retailer

Just for the fun of it, I recently invited some of my non-cigar-smoking friends over to my place for some relaxation time and I decided to show them a little of what they were missing. It turned into a fun lesson on how to smoke a cigar and I actually got a few converts out of the experience. In fact, they can’t wait until the next time we can share a cigar smoke over some drinks. So if you are a cigar beginner or are thinking of giving it a try, check out below some of the tips I shared...

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