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Stressed? Pass on the Stogie!

Cigar Articles cigars relaxation stogie stressed

We all know that smoking a cigar is a very relaxing pastime. For some, it goes even deeper into a culture or something that’s very much a part of their everyday lives. However, just because smoking a cigar is relaxing, it’s not really considered to be a stress reliever. What this means is simple: if you’re under a lot of stress, you are likely to make mistakes, or do things wrong that’ll ruin the whole stick. This could be a real let down if you happen to ruin a cigar you had been saving for a long time, or one...

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What’re the Relaxation and Meditation Benefits of Smoking Cigars?

Cigar Articles cigars meditation relaxation stress

Many people are misinformed about cigar smoking. All they hear about is its negatives. However, this is not all true, cigar smoking also has its benefits. Particularly, when it comes to mental health, cigar smoking is known to be an excellent source of relaxation and meditation. If one is going through stressful events, cigars can be used in relieving the stress. Cigar smoking can be used as a self-medication for relaxation, especially when we’re undergoing pressures in various environments that we feel we cannot cope with. Smoking a cigar will help you sink in the mood and forget your stress...

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