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Add Some Nice Cigar Wall Art to Your Life

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  If you’re a cigar aficionado and you also have a fine appreciation of art it would be a wonderful concept to integrate the two in a smoking room. Imagine a warm room with a fireplace, dark wood, a fine quality humidor and a wonderful wet bar with cognac. In this room, you are surrounded by fine quality cigar wall art that exemplifies one of your favorite joys while relaxing in deep cushioned chairs and enjoying fabulous conversation with friends and business associates. There are wonderful canvas prints available from such great artists as Floriana Barbu, John Neidert, Laurence Adamson,...

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The Art of Lighting a Woman’s Cigar

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There were days not so long ago when smoking was a sort of social introduction. Those were the days when a man could smoothly light a cigar for a woman and it was an opportunity to briefly converse and interact with her in a social setting. This single action was the sophisticated answer to the awkward obstacle of breaking the ice. With the number of women who smoke tobacco dwindling and the cultural switch to electronic alternatives, it is important to know exactly how to give a woman a light without having to hesitate or fumble if you are ever...

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The Scent of A [Cigar Smoking] Woman…

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The very idea of equality for all human beings is a major topic of conversation anywhere you go. Eventually this conversation comes down to the equality for women. Whether it is was 1920, when they were awarded the right to vote, or the ongoing worldwide conversation of equal wages for equal work, women have been fighting for everything since the beginning of time. Well maybe not everything. Although, there’s a general stigma about women smoking cigars and the rarity of its nature, it turns out that women have been smoking cigars regularly since the mid-18th century. Women were as equally...

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