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Taste the Rainbow: A Guide To Flavored Cigars

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As recently as a decade ago, finding premium flavored cigars was a difficult challenge. Until brands like Acid, CAO Flavors, Java, Maker’s Mark, Tatiana, and more came along, flavored cigars were the machine-made gas station stogies you may have tried when you were just getting into the hobby. That means if you were smoking a flavored cigar, you were likely smoking something with leftover scrap fillers and a homogenized wrapper, low quality flavoring, and ultimately a product that is designed to be inexpensive rather than high quality.

 As such, many cigar enthusiasts who have been smoking for years scoff at even the mere mention of a flavored or infused cigar, if they don’t outright laugh in your face. To each his own, I say. More flavored cigars for those who enjoy them. However, for those who crave variety, the explosion of premium flavored cigars over the past ten years or so has yielded a number of top-notch stogies infused with a variety of interesting flavors to incorporate into your rotation.

Brands Of Flavored Cigars

Acid cigars are by far the most popular flavored cigar brand, beating out any competition by a huge margin. Their innovations in flavoring changed the stereotypes bestowed on flavored cigars, and also served to usher in a new generation of smokers into the hobby as “gateway cigars”. They use an infusing procedure that is rumored to be so secret that is only known to four people in the world. While that may be an exaggeration, one cannot oversell their product – because it is a darn fine smoke. They have 22 different flavors currently available, and they thoroughly encourage smokers to try each one. A great marketing strategy, but it also encourages you to find which flavors you like best and ensures that each cigar lover can find something tailored perfectly to their taste.

 CAO Flavors cigars utilize slightly more traditional flavors than Acid, but they still keep things creative and their outstanding products have earned them a massive fan base. They pride themselves on speaking with their smokers, and make flavored cigars of outstanding quality because they put the same leaves they use in their non-flavored cigars in the ‘Flavors’ line. They have eight flavors currently to try.

Other Flavored Cigars

It appears that in the realm of flavored or infused cigars, the people have spoken and quality products are being delivered. In addition to the fine brands that focus solely on flavored cigars, a number of traditional premium manufacturers have introduced infused blends to expand their profile and get in on the action. The best examples are the Carlos Torano Reserva Decadencia and the Gurkha Grand Reserve. Both are top-notch premium cigars made by two extremely popular manufacturers that utilize cutting-edge flavoring techniques as well as tobacco every bit as high quality as the tobacco in their regular lines to deliver a one-of-a-kind smoking experience.

Smoking an infused cigar like these isn’t likely to become an everyday occurrence for most people. However, as a once in awhile, treat, or break from the ordinary or even to celebrate a special occasion, these cigars prove that flavored cigars are no longer automatically low quality, and that if you enjoy a smoke with an extra flavor burst, there are a plethora of terrific options from some truly outstanding cigar makers available for you. Grab an infused cigar today and start exploring your own flavor likes and dislikes today!

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