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The Art of Lighting a Woman’s Cigar

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There were days not so long ago when smoking was a sort of social introduction. Those were the days when a man could smoothly light a cigar for a woman and it was an opportunity to briefly converse and interact with her in a social setting. This single action was the sophisticated answer to the awkward obstacle of breaking the ice. With the number of women who smoke tobacco dwindling and the cultural switch to electronic alternatives, it is important to know exactly how to give a woman a light without having to hesitate or fumble if you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity.

The process that leads to being a stylish and gentlemanly socialite begins before the party. Aesthetic is half the battle so you will want to make sure you are presented well, but most importantly in this case, you want to make sure that you have an attractive method with which to light her cigar. There is a lot of debate in the cigar community as to whether or not lighters are acceptable for certain types of cigars and in certain situations, so if you have questions it is always safe and go with matches. Going with a paperbook of matches is fine in terms of getting the job done but if you want a conversation piece be sure and check out different kinds of match box designs. Start picking them up from hotels and bars if you find some that look appealing. Wooden matches are usually best because they strike easily and do not need to be torn from the book.

Perhaps the most essential part of engaging a sophisticated, classy cigar smoker is actually knowing how to light the cigar. Patience is key. Make sure that the entire end of the cigar is glowing before you blow out your match. Otherwise you have the awkward task of having to re-light her cigar. Think of this prolonged interaction as an opportunity to compliment her or to ask her a question. Getting the ball rolling while she is leaned into your light gives you a chance to say something and her a chance to properly think of a response. Before you know it, you started a conversation and all it took was a match and few seconds.

Whatever you do, be confident. This is an opportunity for you to wow people so just remember that the best way to break the ice is with fire.

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