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As you continuously read newspaper articles and watch TV, undoubtedly you may assume that smoking in general is losing its popularity, due to the abundance of health related ads that have proclaimed how bad cigarettes are due to the abundance of chemicals that manufacturers inject into their products. However, when it comes to cigars, there isn’t a lot of controversy going around about this type of product, primarily due to the fact that it’s rising in popularity based on the fact that many cigar manufacturers provide 100% natural tobacco within their products instead of an abundance of additional chemicals.

Modern Technology
In the past, the popularity of cigars was only limited to the upper-class, primarily due to the fact that they were categorized as a form of luxury that only the most privileged could afford. But as the technology to create cigars grew increasingly advanced allowing the production of cigars to become increasingly more affordable, people from all walks of life, now have the opportunity to enjoy cigar smoking. It has become so popular, that women in particular have taken up cigar smoking and have developed a profound love for this hobby.

Social Events
One of the reasons why cigar smoking has risen in popularity is primarily due to the fact that it’s more of a social event as opposed to cigarette smoking, which can be categorized as a habit.

The internet itself, has helped to fuel the popularity of cigar smoking due to the fact that many curious individuals type in specific search phrases such as “why do people some cigars” that produces an abundance of website reviews of people who explain why they love cigars so much and why it’s more of a social thing as opposed to a habit as is the case with cigarette smokers. As such, it comes as no surprise that due to our natural nature of being curious, that more and more people want to experience the same pleasure that many people online have proclaimed that they experience whenever they smoke cigars.

Social Networks
With the introduction of social networking sites such as Facebook, that contain an abundance of cigar smoking groups that aim to organize a cigar smoking event, more people are finding it easier when it comes to meeting up with other people at a social setting. This allows them to enjoy their love for cigars.

Relieves Stress
Lastly, more and more people are picking up cigar smoking as a hobby that allows them to release stress. Many people have proclaimed that after a long day at work, a nice cigar after dinner does wonders when it comes to releasing stress. By smoking a cigar after a stressful day, it gives you the opportunity to put all your problems at bay, as you indulge into something that eases your mind, and allows you the free your mind, from the stresses that continuously protrude from it and spill into your daily life.

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