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The Differences Between Soft and Torch Flame Lighters

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A flame lighter is essentially the device that cigar smokers use for lighting up their cigars. There are two types of cigar lighters available for the consumers’ use. The choice that they pick depends on their preferences, bearing in mind that each one of these two have their advantages and disadvantages.

These types of lighters are either soft flame lighters or torch flame lighters.

Soft flame lighters have a cooler flame compared to the torch flame lighters. They produce a flame that’s soft and quite like a candle’s flame. These flame lighters usually don’t work perfectly where there are breezes. The droughts caused by the breezes tend to move the lighter’s flame away from the cigar or even blow it out before the user lights up the cigar. The liquid butane used by this type of lighters also tend to release a sort of odor that affects the flavor of the tobacco in the cigar. Regardless of all these, soft flame lighters can easily be used on probably all types of cigars available. The soft flame they produce doesn’t easily burn or char the cigar, though it may take a longer while to roast the cigar and light it as compared to when one uses the torch lighter.

Torch lighters are the type of lighters used by many individuals who smoke cigars. They produce a flame much hotter and powerful as compared to the soft flame lighters. Thus, they work perfect in windy conditions and where there are droughts. Torch flame lighters come in different models that offer different flame jets. Single jet torch flame lighters and their double jet counterparts work almost to perfection on all cigar sizes and types, but they’re recommended for use on larger gauged cigars. Due to their high flame intensity, they tend to easily burn the smaller ring-gauged cigars.

A torch flame lighter that has three or more jets produces a flame that covers a large surface area. These flame lighters are thus recommended for use on cigars that have a larger gauge (gauge 48 or above).

With these points in mind, it’s therefore upon the cigar consumer to opt for the lighter they prefer, on the basis for the type and size of the cigar they smoke, and the environment they’re in; whether indoors or outdoors.

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