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The Different Types of Cigar Shapes You Need to Know in 2023

various cigars of different shapes

Did you know that cigars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Not only that, but every shape has its own unique characteristics. This in turn, allows cigar smokers to often have their own personal preferences as it pertains to selecting a stogie.

Now, there are three main cigar shape types:

  • Parejos: Most common type and include traditional shapes like the robusto and corona.
  • Figurados: Not as common and include irregularly-shaped cigars like the torpedo and pyramid.
  • Perfectos: Cross between parejos and figurados, they’re typically oval or egg-shaped.

Cigar smokers shall discover that each cigar shape type provides its own set of flavors and smoking properties:

  • Parejos tend to supply a more consistent flavor profile from beginning to end.
  • Figurados offer a smoking experience that’s quite complex, with different flavors emerging as the stogie is being smoked.
  • Perfectos hit a balance between the two, offering both complexity and consistency.

Essentially, it’s up to the smoker to pick out which cigar shape type they prefer. Just know that when doing so, there’s no incorrect or correct answer. It’s all about experimenting with different shapes until you uncover one that meets your needs.

A Brief History of Cigar shapes

Cigars have been around for centuries, and their shapes have evolved over time. The most common cigar shape is the Parejo - straight-sided cigar with a rounded head. This cigar type was initially introduced in Cuba in the 1800s. From there, it rapidly became the top shape amongst stogie smokers.

Other popular cigar shapes include:

  • Torpedo: Has a pointed head.
  • Pyramid: Has tapered body.
  • Perfecto: Cross between a Parejo and a torpedo.

Each of these cigar shapes offers its own unique smoking experience. Hence, it’s no wonder that there are a vast array of unique types to select from.

How Does the Cigar Shape Affect the Overall Taste?

A cigar shape can have a major impact on the taste:

  • Lengthy, thin cigars will frequently have a higher exceptional flavor.
  • Short, thick cigars will be milder.

The size of the cigar also affects the flavor:

  • Small cigars will have a better concentrated flavor.
  • Large cigars will be more dulcet.

The wrapper also has a part in terms of cigar flavor:

  • Dark wrappers will give the cigar a richer flavor.
  • Light wrappers will make the cigar milder.

Why Do Some People Gravitate Towards Certain Cigar Shapes?

Since there are countless cigar shapes, each in turn will have its own unique set of characteristics. Some people prefer certain cigar due to them offering a specific smoking experience. For instances:

  • There are those who prefer the long, thin shape of a panatela because it allows for a slow, even burn and provides a complex flavor profile.
  • Others might opt for a shorter, stubbier robusto-style shape, as it renders a fuller bodied smoke with higher pronounced flavors.

Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference and what type of smoking experience you’re searching for.

Final Cigar Shaping Thoughts

With a vast array of different cigar shapes and sizes, it can be sorta mind-blowing to choose the correct one for you. By understanding the anatomy and sizes of each type, you’ll be able to determine which stogie goes with your personal taste best. Not only that but having knowledge about cigar shapes allows for a better appreciation in terms of the craftsmanship that goes into well… creating them. So, if you’re on the hunt for an enjoyable experience with a quality cigar, knowing what shape is best for you is crucial.

Remember, too, that no matter what your preferred cigar shape might be, there’s sure to be a cigar you can find here at BnB Tobacco that’ll meet your needs  Explore all the different options available on our site, as you might just find your new favorite stogie!

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