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The History of Camacho Cigars

These days, avid cigar enthusiasts can tell you all about the delicious varieties from Camacho and which ones are more satisfying to their palate than others.  But what most smokers don’t know is the fascinating history behind this brand.  It turns out that Camacho’s origin story is more than your average “rags to riches” tale.  And, in order to fully appreciate the fabulous cigars that the brand continues to produce to this day, it’s important that we take a step back and learn more about how the company began.


Camacho Cigars: How it All Started


Originally from Cuba, Simon Camacho was exiled and relocated to Miami, Florida, which is where he first started manufacturing cigars in 1961.  An avid tobacco enthusiast himself, Camacho knew that he could obtain the finest tobaccos in Central America to make his signature smokes.  He opened up his own tobacco factory in Miami and began having excellent tobaccos imported.


As the business started taking off, Camacho set his eyes on Nicaragua as a place where he could manufacture his cigars.  After relocating his facility, his business took off more than ever before.  Before long, his cigars were beloved by famous smokers like Winston Churchill.


The Eiroa Family


Camacho eventually passed away in 1990.  Five years later, the Eiroa family acquired the brand with the determination to continue his legacy.  This was when the manufacturing facility was relocated to Honduras, another country known for its exceptional tobaccos.


Julio Eiroa and Simon Camacho had a lot in common.  Both of them were originally from Cuba but were transported to Florida during the revolution.  Eiroa’s father had been a tobacco farmer since the early 1900s and had passed down his knowledge to his son.


Shortly after the time of the brand’s acquisition, Julio’s son Christian took over.  Julio had done well for himself and his family, acquiring massive plantations in Honduras where his signature tobacco could be cultivated.  Christian was able to take the Camacho name to the next level by developing exceptional cigar products that became highly popular within the United States and around the world.  By the late 1990s, about three million Camacho cigars were being produced annually, which shows how popular the name had become after the Eiroa family took over.


The Davidoff Family


In 2008, the Camacho brand and manufacturing facility were acquired by the Davidoff family.  The Davidoff family was able to develop new branding and marketing strategies that have allowed the name to see success like never before.  And, under the Davidoff family’s guidance, the name began to adhere to far more strict environmental guidelines.

 These days, Camacho produces about 20 million cigars each year.  The brand is primarily known for its full-bodied cigars as well as the famous Corojo seeds.  Today, there are multiple manufacturing facilities to accommodate the demands of the growing number of brand devotees.


If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that Camacho is a brand that’s been at the top for decades.  Thanks to perseverance and attention to detail, those who have had the honor of handling the company throughout its history have helped it grow and grow to become what it is today.   


Enjoy These Wonderfully Made Cigars


Thanks to the bravery of Simon Camacho, we get to enjoy his wonderful cigars to this day.  Camacho truly revolutionized the tobacco industry, and it’s clear that many other companies have taken cues from his innovative choices.  The next time you pick up a Camacho cigar, remember the story of the man who started it all.

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