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The History of Montecristo Cigars

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At BnB Tobacco, we pride ourselves on seeking out only the very best cigars that money can buy.  And, we know a good cigar when we see one.  Montecristo Cigars has been an iconic company for decades thanks to their absolutely exquisite flavor profiles and their refined manufacturing techniques. 

As it turns out, the history of Montecristo cigars is as rich and exciting as their intoxicating flavor profiles.  And, by understanding how this company came to be the legendary brand that it is today, you’ll likely appreciate each puff of one of their cigars even more than ever before.

About the Brand

Montecristo cigars are some of the most popular cigars in the world and for good reason.  From the very beginning, Montecristo cigars have enjoyed a distinctive flavor, excellent aroma, and superior quality. This flawless construction using Dominican grown, Cuban seed long filler and Connecticut shade wrappers makes this truly a classic brand.

Going Back in Time

Since 1935, Montecristo Cigars has been redefining what it means to enjoy a luxurious smoke.  Fascinatingly, the name of the company comes from the famous Alexandre Dumas novel, as it turns out that the story was passed around throughout Cuban factories at that time.  When Alonzo Menendez first launched the brand, he decided to name it after his favorite novel, and now, the company’s name is perhaps as well-known as the novel itself.

It wasn’t long before Menendez had to flee Cuba because of Castro, and he quickly found himself in the Canary Islands of Spain with just a few dollars to his name.  The year was 1960, and he had to leave behind his manufacturing plant in search for something new.  While he had every intention of carrying on the Montecristo Cigars name, he ran into a conflict.  Castro had nationalized the Montecristo name, and Montecristo cigars were being sold in Spain at the time due to their massive popularity.  It would have been illegal for Menendez to sell his version, and so he had to change his brand name to Montecruz. 

Fortunately for Menendez, the Montecruz brand took off, and cigar enthusiasts didn’t mind that his creations were pretty close replicas to the Montecristo varieties that were being sold in stores.  Before long, Montecruz was an extremely successful brand among American cigar aficionados, and Menendez had even managed to replicate the luxury of the Havana wrapper with the Cameroon wrapper.  What helped was the interest that Alfred Dunhill, a widely respected distributor, took in the company after seeing how quickly Menendez’s ventures were taking off and becoming profitable.

Menendez was a smart businessman, and so when he moved to the Dominican Republic in the 1970s, he managed to reclaim the Montecristo name by spotting a legal loophole and using it to his advantage.  By now, his Torpedo cigar was the best-selling cigar in the United States, and he followed that success with a line of more complex and varied cigars such as the Open and the Edmundo Dantes.

Eventually, Montecristo Cigars was acquired by Altadis, a reputable investor that has successfully relaunched many classic and legendary cigar brands over the years.  Thanks to Altadis, the name still represents a superior product, and cigar connoisseurs continue to celebrate the line of cigars to this day.  The brand has launched several new cigars over the last decade, with each of them being extremely unique, refined and flavorful in its own way.  It’s clear that this is a name that isn’t going anywhere.  Today, the No. 2 is the most widely smoked cigar in the world, and few brands have come close to competing with its success.

The Brand Still Goes Strong Today

The Montecristo name has stood for integrity, craftsmanship and luxury for nearly eighty years, and today, it continues to reign supreme.  Menendez’s story demonstrates his dedication to crafting the finest cigars possible for the world to enjoy.  And, thanks to his astounding efforts and incredible risks, we can still enjoy them to this day.

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