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The Look of an Experienced Cigar Smoker

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Elegant Cigar Smoker

Smoking a cigar correctly adds class and elegance to a person’s physical appearance. You can differentiate a pro from an amateur by how they light the cigar, how they hold it, and how they put it off.

A cigar smoking gurus knows that before you light a cigar, you need to first cut it and toast it, then proceed with lighting it. A quality cigar cutter gives the opening a sharp look, unlike a blunt poor quality cutter. An experienced cigar smoker knows the right size to cut so that the cigar doesn’t unwraps and how to do so with the shoulders leaned back and the head held up high.

An experienced cigar smoker should look comfortable even when they’re lighting a cigar. The conversations they hold and how they relate with people as they smoke’s important. Smoking gurus can be identified by the way they sit or stand as they smoke. They depict confidence with how they hold the cigar and how they place it on the lips, with ease and comfort. Smoking gurus have a specific brand of cigars they smoke. They can identify the cigar with the wrapping or the aroma of the cigar by wafting it across their nose gently. Experienced cigar smokers have an additional drink which they sip as they gently inhale and exhale the smoke. The drink adds spark and funk to the smoking experience.

The posture a smoker sits with can be used to differentiate a guru from an amateur. Cigar smoking’s not like normal cigarette smoking. It’s enjoyed while having fun and sharing intelligent conversations with other smoking gurus, rather than using it when a smoker feels stressed and disoriented. Smoking the cigar is a slow process just like sipping a fine glass of wine. An experienced smoker should not strain or cough while inhaling and exhaling the smoke, leaving the sweet flavor of the cigar in your mouth.

Finally, how a smoker handles the cigar ash is also important. Normally, the ash is gently tapped out on an ash tray when it’s about an inch thick. Then the smoker can continue enjoying their cigar till they can put it out and save it for another smoking session.

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