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The Nightlife of the 2012 London Olympics

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At this year’s Olympic Games held in London, the nightlife will be as exciting as who is announced 1st place in each sport’s competition.  The British know how to celebrate in Olympic fashion by enjoying the rich pub nightlife, drinking vintage liquors and smoking their best cigars.  Even their most famous historical statesman, Winston Churchill, is famous for always having a smoke on hand.  Here we highlight for you some of the best London pubs and best “Olympic” cigars so you can party like an Olympian after having won the gold.

Probably the most obvious choice for a cigar/Olympics connection is the country of Jamaica.  Jamaica is in the midst of a rebirth of their cigar industry and their Adduci brand premium cigars are the only “puro” currently on the market with all ingredients grown in Jamaica.  With Usain Bolt looking to show everyone that he is still the fastest man alive, consider soaking up the post-race excitement  at the Jamaica Wine House, a London pub which has been operating for over 350 years and which once counted legendary diarist Samuel Pepys as a customer.  The “Jampot” as it is called features Kentish cask ales and traditional pub foods such as the lamb and mint burger.

Since the United States trade embargo on Cuba in the 1960s, Honduras and the Dominican Republic have seen their cigar industries flourish.  These two great countries have a variety of top athletes leading them such as Maynor Figueroa who hopes to lead the Honduran football team to gold and Dominican 400-m hurdler Félix Sánchez who is considered by some to be the sixth fastest man in the world.  With all of the potential from these two nations for Olympic medals, we can strongly suggest the large variety to be found at the Craft Beer House which features an amazing thirty-seven beers on tap and over three hundred bottled varieties.  Arturo Fuente cigars from the Dominican Republic and Casa Magna Oscuro cigars from Honduras are just two of the premium cigars you can light up to celebrate the passion and triumph of these two countries.

One predictions site has pegged Brazil as a contender for as many as eighteen medals this year.  Brazil has a large selection of athletes competing this year in some events that may not get as much mainstream attention such as handball and sailing.  They are also considered a top contender for the volleyball gold.  A cigar from Dona Flor or Monte Pascoal is sure to please while watching this country make a run for the gold.  And an equally rich and wonderful pub to enjoy this experience in would be The Palm Tree, described as an “East End Boozer” with all of the traditional amenities including darts and even a stop in from local celebrities.

Finally, a country not known for its own cigars per se is Cameroon.  This African nation will be competing in several events at the Olympics including boxing and football, but it is runner Idrissa Adam, fresh off a win at the All-Africa Games in 2011, who is the standout for their nation.  While Cameroon is not known for its own tobacco brands, it is famous for manufacturing a high quality wrapper for such premium cigars as Arturo Fuente.  Celebrating at 06 St. Chad’s Place, near King’s Cross, is a great way to root on this plucky team.  (And, you can head over to King’s Cross and look for platform 9 ¾ after you’ve downed a few pints.)

The summer games only come around once every four years.   That makes getting yourself prepared to party like the rock star athletes in London even more important.   Take advantage of this opportunity to try some new smokes and root on some deserving countries at this year’s Summer Olympics in London.

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