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The NUB "Sweet Spot"

Brand: Nub Brand: Oliva Nub


The NUB was an idea born from smoking. Studio Tobac, the creative arm of the Oliva Cigar Company first released the vitola in 2008. The NUB was fashioned after the second half, or final third of a cigar. The idea came to Sam Leccia, former Oliva salesman and Pittsburgh native, one day as he was enjoying the final bit of a larger cigar, a Gordo (6x60). Sam envisioned a cigar that replicated that "Sweet Spot" or point in a cigar in which the flavor and profile is heightened. Many cigar smokers can sense a cigar is gaining strength as it burns closer to their lips and will put the cigar down. In doing so they miss out on the final third of the experience. Sam was not one of those smokers, he saw an opportunity, pitched the idea to the powers that be and after some arduous blending/tasting sessions...the NUB Cigar line was born! 

The blending excellence of the Oliva Cigar Family was shown in that the shortened length of the cigar did not affect its smoking time. This larger ring gauge of the cigar, albeit shorter than most its length, still provided a rich and full smoking experience. The time it took to smoke the cigar was not much different than a Robusto (typically 5x50) as it shared about the same amount of tobacco. In the first years to show these two characteristics the boxes came with two distinct denotations; smoking time in minutes and milipounds of tobacco shown here...


The former being the average time it took to smoke the cigar in minutes and the latter being Oliva Cigars unique way of measuring the amount of tobacco contained within each cigar. The company stopped using these units of measure a few years later, essentially creating an easily recognizable feature to distinguish boxes from "the early years". Now they use the defacto, industry standard, measurements of length and ring gauge seen here...

The NUB line has grown from its initial vitola of 4x60, first released in a Connecticut, followed by Habano, Maduro and Cameroon respectively. Since then the NUB line has grown from the classic 4x60 vitola to include 3.75 x 58 and 4 x 66 vitolas with some shape additions such as torpedo and boxpress! Future expansions would come when the creative powers that be at Studio Tobac added the NUB Cain line and NUB Cafe series, touting the traditional symbioses with coffee and cigars!

We urge you to check out this wonderful line of cigars from the Oliva Cigar Company! If you order from BnB Tobacco you may even be receiving some of the initially marked boxes of NUB Cigars...hint hint the NUB Cameroon 466BPT and NUB Maduro 464T are two we have several boxes that have been aging since shortly after their release!! 



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