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The Proper Way to Cut Your Cigar

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Getting the most out of your cigar means you need to be able to properly cut off the tip to enjoy the aged tobacco. However, this needs to be done properly. Incorrectly cutting the cigar will result in you getting a less than ideal experience.

Here’s the proper way in 3 steps to cut your cigar and enjoy your smoking experience:

Step #1: The Cigar Cutter
In order to cut your cigar like the professionals, you need to start with a quality cigar cutter. Using an inferior made cigar cutter will cause you to cut the end in the wrong position, causing the wrapper to begin to unravel and interrupting your smoke. In order to get that ideal clear cut, purchase a quality made cigar cutter.

Step #2: Identifying the Cut Point
Take a close look at the head of your cigar. The head is the end of the cigar you place in your mouth. Notice the cap, the tobacco that is glued to the head to hold the wrapper together, and look for the line or seam where the cap ends. This line or seam will be where you cut off the tip of the cigar.

Step #3: Making the Perfect Cut
Now that you have identified the line where the cap ends around the tip of the cigar, try to line up your cigar cutter so that you still leave about 3mm on the wrapper. This will help to hold the wrapper in place. (If you smoke Figurados, only trim off enough so you can see the filler inside.) Now in order to get the best possible results, make sure that once you have the cuter lined up in position that you make one strong and quick movement.

If you own a bullet punch cigar cutter, the best way to get the perfect cut is to insert that punch on the head of your cigar and create a small clean hole. For those who prefer more smoke, insert your cigar punch several times in different locations along the cap, this will allow you to cut a bigger hole.

Your cigar is now ready, so light up and enjoy!

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