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The Rising Popularity of Swirled Cigars

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The cigar world is ever-changing, and we love it for that. Throughout the years, there have been many innovations in how we smoke cigars and what we smoke. Today, one of the most interesting trends involves smoking a blend that has been intentionally swirled together to create an optical illusion of separate colors when viewing it from above. These cigars are known as "swirled" or "twisted”, and even have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

What is a Swirl-flavored Cigar?

In its most basic form, a swirled cigar consists of two different types of tobacco leaves that have been twisted together to create a single cigar. The two leaves can completely fuse by creating a single flavor profile. A popular misconception about swirling cigars is that they are created by mixing two different cigars and then twisting them together. This is not the case. When tobacco leaves are harvested, they naturally have very distinct flavors. This means that tobacco leaves from the same field will taste very similar to one another. To create a distinct flavor profile, manufacturers will take two different tobacco leaves and twist them together to create a single cigar. Many people do not understand that tobacco leaves are not just twisted together. Rather, they are twisted together while they are still on the plant.

How are Swirled Cigars Made?

The best way to understand how swirling cigars are made is by visualizing the process in real-time. To do this, you can watch this short video clip of a tobacco farmer and his team in Nicaragua. As you watch, remember that the two leaves being fused are from the same field. This means that they will have very similar tastes and flavors. As the video clip progresses, notice that the leaves are first de-stemmed and then rolled up into large "logs." The "logs" are rolled up onto large wooden sticks known as "railroad ties”. It is at this point that the leaves are being twisted together. Once tied together, they are hung up to dry for several weeks before being sent to the cigar factory.

Why Does a Swirled Cigar Smoke So Well - Even Though It as Multiple Flavors?

Cigars are typically smoked using a method called "drawing”. Drawing refers to pulling smoke into the mouth, which is then expelled from the mouth and lungs. This is why many people experience "heartburn" after smoking a cigar. When you draw smoke through a cigar that has been twisted together, the flavors from both leaves can't reach your taste buds. The only way for the flavors from both leaves to reach your taste buds is for them to be completely fused. This means that the leaves need to be completely infused with each other. You can completely fuse the leaves by twisting together two different leaves and then completely infusing them with each other, creating a single flavor profile. This is why a cigar that has been twisted together will smoke so well. It is because the leaves have been completely fused. When you smoke it, you experience the flavors from both leaves together.


  1. Allows you to create a distinct flavor profile that is not otherwise possible. Given that tobacco leaves naturally taste very similar to one another, it is impossible to create a distinct flavor profile. By swirling leaves together, you can create a distinct flavor that is impossible through any other method.
  2. Lets manufacturers create cigars that would be impossible to produce using any other method. For example, imagine you have a mixture of tobacco leaves that is 25% cherry and 75% blueberry. It would be impossible to create a single cigar with these flavors through any other method without overusing one of the leaves.


  1. You lose out on the distinct flavor of each tobacco leaf. You are only experiencing a single flavor profile that combines both leaves. It is like drinking a fruit smoothie, where you can't taste any individual fruits.
  2. Swirled cigars are extremely difficult to age. This is because the leaves have been completely infused with each other.

Swirled Cigars: Understanding Their Sudden Rise in Popularity

The sudden rise in popularity of swirling leaves together to create a cigar can be attributed to several factors. The first major factor is that technology has enabled manufacturers to study tobacco leaves better and discover what flavors are present in each one. This means that they are better able to create distinct flavor profiles. This has also led to the creation of tobaccos that have never been seen before. For example, there are now "blue" leaves, which are blue and taste nothing like blueberries. Another major factor contributing to the rise in popularity of swirling leaves together is that online retailers can now sell them. This is because it is logistically impossible to sell them in a physical shop.

As you can see, there are many reasons why swirling leaves together to create a cigar has become increasingly popular. Considering all of this information, clearly, swirling leaves together to create a stogie is an innovative way for manufacturers to push the boundaries of their craft.

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