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The Top 3 Summer Cigar Destinations

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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” – Ella Fitzgerald

Summer traveling is the perfect time to enjoy a good cigar and take in a few of America’s best sites. A good cigar adds special flavor to a summer trip. We’ve come up with these top 3 cigar destinations in the United States.

Destination Spot #1: The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are America’s southernmost tip. Key West is the best place to enjoy a summer cigar in the United States. The area has deep roots in the world’s cigar culture. Many of the local cigar makers have strong Cuban cigar industry roots. Key West is a beautiful place which has many unique bars and restaurants. Smoking a sweet summer cigar while sitting on a beach, a boat or an outdoor patio bar is a relaxing and wonderful experience.

Ernest Hemingway, Harry Truman and John F Kennedy all enjoyed good cigars and traveling to Key West. Duval Street, Old Town, the Hemingway House, the Little White House, and Mallory Square are all unique slices of Americana. Puffing a cigar while observing the sometimes bizarre, but always interesting, scene is a wonderful way to past a summer day.

Key West is a walkable town and that adds to the allure of enjoying a good cigar. Small cigar shops that hand roll cigars are scattered throughout the city. Better yet, go on a boat and spend a day with some good cigars, strong drinks and the old blue sea.

Destination Spot #2: The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a beautiful part of America. They sprawl through the oldest part of the United States’ tobacco country. They’ve many great spots to stop and smoke while pondering the lovely landscape. Wineries and breweries dot the surrounding countryside. Mount Vernon and Monticello, the historic homes of cigar smoking presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, are also nearby.

Destination Spot #3: Sharpsburg, Maryland

Cigars changed the course of history at The Battle of Antietam. It’s the bloodiest single day, with almost 23,000 casualties in American history. A copy of General Robert E Lee’s handwritten battle plans, wrapped in an envelope with three cigars, were discovered by Union soldiers. The Confederate battle plan was given to Union General George McClellan. But even with his enemies battle plans and a superior force McClellan failed to soundly defeat the Confederates.

The battlefield and surrounding countryside are beautiful as they’re dotted with Maryland wineries, breweries and old inns. The lovely towns of Fredrick and Annapolis are short drives.

Summer vacations and cigars are a perfect pair. A cigar lets a traveler slow down and enjoy the trip even more. Take some cigars and travel to these three great summer cigar destinations.

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