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The Unraveling Wrapper

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As a cigar smoker, you’ll likely experience an unraveling wrapper from time to time. The unraveling wrapper is a situation whereby your cigar wrapper gets loose and starts to break. This may be an unpleasant experience and therefore, each cigar smoker needs to learn how to avoid it. However, in order to do so, it’s paramount that one learns the causes first.

Over Drying or Over Humidification of Cigars

Wrapper unraveling may happen if the cigar is stored in a very high humidity. The high humidity causes the wrappers to rapidly expand. In case the same humidity cannot be maintained, the wrapper will then contract. When this happens several times, the wrapper might finally break. To prevent a situation whereby your wrapper unravels due to over-humidification, make sure that you store your cigars in a properly maintained humidor. To do, always make sure that your digital or analog hygrometers are well-calibrated so that they portray the true conditions of your humidor. Also, avoid changing the humidity levels of your cigar.

Manufacturer’s Fault

Sometimes unraveling of wrappers may be due to a manufacturing error. This happens if the manufacturer rolls the wrapper improperly making it more susceptible to unraveling. To avoid this situation, always purchase your cigars from reputable manufacturers. This way, you are less likely to come across an improper wrapping.

Trimming Issues

Once you purchase a new cigar, you’re required to trim it in order for you to light it and start smoking. It’s also necessary that you trim a previously used cigar before lighting it. However, not everybody’s skilled in the art of trimming cigars. Some people may trim the cigar wrongly making its wrapper prone to unraveling. To avoid this situation, watch tutorials or ask for help from an expert on how to properly trim your cigars.

Learning how to prevent unraveling wrappers will help you go about your cigar smoking smoothly. But, if the unraveling happens, you can always watch tutorials on how to fix it instead of disposing the cigar.

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