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These Hemp Wraps are Full of Good “Karma”

 Karma Hemp Wraps

Any hemp user who likes to roll their own needs to check out Karma Hemp Wraps at BnB Tobacco.  KHW goes above and beyond to deliver nothing but a flawless smoke to anyone who wants to savor some fresh and delicious CBD flower.  Made entirely of hemp leaves, these wraps can take the place of other wrap materials that are less than favorable for one’s CBD experience.

Sold in 25 packs of 2, they provide you with ample wraps to get you through many sessions ahead, all while boasting phenomenal quality and flavor to satisfy you in every way.

Tobacco and Nicotine-Free

Karma Hemp Wraps are completely free of nicotine and tobacco compounds, acting as the perfect alternative to the more traditional tobacco wrappers that so many of us are familiar with.  Tobacco wraps are simply not for everybody, primarily because they contain nicotine which many CBD users choose to avoid entirely.  The nicotine in tobacco wraps can add to the effects of smoking, by offering its known effects to the nervous system, thus disrupting the purity of the hemp experience.  Hemp wraps streamline the experience by offering more of the same plant material that we’re already seeking out.


There is no doubt that American-made wraps are always the way to go.  Companies that produce these products in the United States must adhere to stricter and higher standards than those found in many other countries.  Simply put, with wraps made outside of the US, you don’t always know what you’re getting.  These American-made wraps are compliant with the high regulations that keep the industry consistently high in quality.

Organic Hemp

Karma Hemp Wraps come from organic hemp plant material, as certified by the USDA.  Organic hemp is always the better choice over conventional growing methods, for a number of reasons.  One is that organic hemp is free of pesticides and other environmental toxins that we simply don’t want to be consuming – especially inhaling into our lungs.  Further, organic hemp wraps retain higher levels of their chemical compounds, and while the majority of desirable compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes aren’t found in the leaves, they do contain nutrients that make them surprisingly valuable.

100% Natural and Untreated

Consist solely of pure hemp plant material with no hidden additives of any kind, or chemicals sprayed onto them to change their appearance or texture.  Many wraps on the market are treated in some way, and this can be an issue with anything that we’re inhaling into the body.  Natural is always the way to go, and Karma understands this which is why they’re committed to producing the cleanest wraps possible.

Extremely User-Friendly

Hemp wraps, as it turns out, are perfect for all of our rolling needs.  They have the perfect thickness level to burn at a great pace without ripping easily, and they offer the right level of pliability to roll over your flower easily so that you can get the perfect tightness level you’re looking for.  Further, they have a neutral flavor that won’t interfere with the taste you’re trying to experience while enjoying your favorite flower strain.

4 Great Flavors

Karma Hemp Wraps come in four great flavor options to choose from, all derived from natural flavoring ingredients:

Original: Unflavored, tasting solely of hemp

Tropic Trip: A luscious blend of succulent tropical fruits to evoke images of the islands

Blazin’ Blue: Juicy, ripe and sweet blueberry to leave you licking your lips

Purple Chill: Scrumptiously plump grapes bursting with sweetness each time you take a puff

Try the Karma Hemp Wraps Today!

Karma Hemp Wraps offer nothing but pure bliss, having everything that you need to enjoy one successful smoke after the other, while boasting mouthwatering flavor to elevate your flower experience to a whole new level.  Select a flavor and enjoy 50 wraps at an affordable price.

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