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Time to Really Go “Wild” Over CBD Hempettes

Brand: Wild Hemp

Wild CBD Hempettes

At BnB Tobacco, we offer a wide array of high-quality CBD goods so that our customers can explore that which hemp has to offer in a variety of ways.  One type of product that we’re uniquely excited about is CBD pre-rolls, which offer the pure, raw hemp flower rolled in paper so that it can be easily smoked for fast-acting effects.

What are Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes?

They’re one of the top-selling hemp products that we offer at BnB Tobacco, and now you’ll find out why. It is made with quality ingredients sourced from the Colorado mountains. It contains 0% THC, which means it is non psychoactive, and it is 100% farm bill compliant meaning that it is derived from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant.


Easy to Enjoy

Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes are extremely easy to enjoy, as they don’t require any preparation, maintenance or careful storage.  They come in a pack that looks just like a pack of cigarettes, and all that you need to do is pull one out, light it up and inhale just like you would any other type of smoke.  While a lot of people are gravitating toward hemp flower these days, not everyone is equally comfortable rolling it in paper themselves or putting the proper amount into a pipe.  These Hempettes do the hard work for you so that you can just enjoy the experience without any effort.

Potent Enough for Desirable Results

Each CBD Hempette contains a minimum of 50 milligrams of pure hemp goodness, which means that you’ll be able to experience the full effects of the hemp plant when smoking a single Hempette.  Note that inhalation offers one of the most bioavailable means for delivery of hemp compounds into the system, which translates to faster-acting effects as well as stronger effects.

Flavored to Perfection

Another reason why the CBD Hempettes are so special is because they offer a deeply delicious flavor.  For one thing, the hemp itself is extremely smooth and satisfying, which speaks to its quality based on the farming practices used.  But, you can choose from one of three flavors, which all utilize the best flavoring ingredients possible to ensure lip-smacking satisfaction.

-Pineapple: Pineapple offers a deeply delicious tropical fruit experience that will get your mouth watering after the very first puff.  The pineapple taste complements the natural flavor of hemp beautifully, which offers fruity terpenes within the chemical composition that are balanced out by the exotic notes of this island-fresh ingredient.


-Sweet: Sweet is a flavor that gives you a sugary taste each time you take a pull, so that you’ll find yourself licking your lips between puffs.  The sweetness never overpowers the natural taste of the hemp plant, and in fact enhances it by complementing the natural fruitiness found within the terpenes of the plant’s chemical composition.


-Natural: Natural is the unflavored option, which provides you with nothing but the pure and clean taste of the hemp plant in all of its glory.  The taste of hemp has notes of herbs, citrus, pine and mint, which work together nicely to give you a well-rounded flavor profile that many enjoy all on its own.


Made with Lab-Tested Hemp Flower

The CBD Hempettes are made with hemp flower that has been properly analyzed by a third-party lab, which is how you can count on ending up with a quality product.  These lab reports confirm the chemical composition of the hemp plant while testing for impurities and toxins that can get into the plant material during the various stages of the growing and curing processes.

Filtered for Smoother Draws

The CBD Hempettes are filtered, which allows you to enjoy smoother draws that are never harsh against the throat.  This is one advantage over other types of pre-rolls n the market.

Conveniently Travel-Friendly

Finally, we’re certain that you’ll love the convenience of having a travel-friendly pack of CBD Hempettes, that look just like packs of cigarettes that easily fit into a pocket or purse.

Choose Your Flavor and Find Out Why these Hempettes are Winning Over Our Customers

Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes at BnB Tobacco provide hemp enthusiasts with a super user-friendly and travel-friendly way to experience CBD, all while enjoying the purest form of the hemp plant that there is.  These naturally full spectrum pre-rolls offer a generous milligram strength and can be enjoyed daily with convenience and ease.

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