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Tis’ the Cigar Season: Best Cigars to Buy This Christmastime at BnB Tobacco

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Christmas is coming soon, and many of us are savoring every moment of this magical season.  We’re enjoying our favorite Christmastime treats; we’re decorating our trees with our families and enjoying the decorations lining the streets in our neighborhoods.  If you want to make this treasured time of year extra special, we recommend stocking up on some cigars at BnB Tobacco that have flavor profiles that evoke memories of Christmas, so that you can get even further into the holiday spirit.

Which Cigars Can Get You into the Holiday Spirit?

Our collection of cigars is one of the most extensive that you’ll find anywhere, and because of that, we can understand that the process of finding the most seasonally flavored cigars can take quite a while.  But, we’re here to help.  Here are the top 10 cigars that capture that Christmas spirit, which are all available at BnB Tobacco.

#10: Rocky Patel Fifty-Five Robusto

Celebrating the 55th birthday of Rocky himself, the Fifty-Five Robusto is always an exquisite choice, and its flavor profile is especially enchanting during the holiday season.  This purely Nicaraguan beauty offers a touch of sumptuous class to an otherwise ordinary winter evening, with a medium body and a flavor profile of bittersweet cocoa, warm cinnamon and aromatic oak, with subtler notes of licorice and earth.  Its decadence pairs beautifully with a glass of spiked eggnog or a soothing nightcap of your favorite Bourbon.

#9: Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco

Another commemorative release comes from Joya de Nicaragua, with the Cuatro Cinco marking the brand’s 45th anniversary.  That being said, the cigar really does have a celebratory quality that makes it perfect for pulling out during the holiday season, when the spirit is already feeling festive.  The overall quality of this stunner means that with each pull, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.  The filler is aged in a vintage white oak barrel, which does wonders for the velvety nature of each draw, while adding a woody note that adds phenomenal depth and richness to the flavor.  It’s a robust flavor profile offering buttery toasted nuts and espresso, with a pinch of spice to offer more warmth.  The creaminess and silkiness of the finish guarantees that you’ll always want to go back for another puff.

#8: Dominican Churchill

It’s hard to turn down an opportunity to savor one of the most classic cigars of all time: the Dominican Churchill.  And, its flavor profile is all the more enjoyable during chilly winter months when you’re looking for something to warm you up and get into the festive spirit.  It’s a mild-medium-bodied cigar that’s not going to overwhelm your palate after a large Christmas dinner, and yet the subtleties and complexities of its flavor profile make it an indulgence regardless.  It’s got that hint of spice that captures the essence of the holidays, with an earthy base that keeps the flavor grounded.  A purely Dominican cigar, its distinctively high quality is apparent from the first puff, and meanwhile, it’s a known crowd pleaser.  In short, it’s the perfect option for those who want a luxurious smoke that’s not too heavy.

#7: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva

If you’re looking for a dessert-like smoke, you’ll be plenty pleased with La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva, with its flavor profile of buttery hazelnuts, velvety chocolate, sweet caramel and just a pinch of warming pepper.  The flavor is exquisitely balanced, while offering everything that your sweet tooth could ask for.  Enjoy it as a treat after a turkey dinner and you won’t be disappointed.  Made with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and a San Andres wrapper, this full-bodied choice is inspired by the cigar that made the brand a legend centuries ago: the Cuba Mi Amor. 

#6: Padron 1964 Anniversary

The Padron 1964 Anniversary is a limited release that immediately adds a special feeling to your smoking experience, and is exactly the type of cigar you’d want to pull out to celebrate a holiday.  Not only that, but its flavor profile captures exactly what it is that we crave every holiday season, with lush notes of smooth chocolate, rich hazelnuts, nutty coffee and an earthy undertone that ties everything together.  The flavor is often compared to that of hot chocolate, which makes this a no-brainer reach on a chilly night.  The Nicaraguan filler and wrapper demonstrate the sublime quality of this special release.

#5: Oliva Serie V

Perfect for pairing with your favorite after-dinner liquor, the Oliva Serie V is a full-bodied and exquisitely rich option that pulls like pure velvet.  It’s a Nicaraguan delight with a captivating flavor profile of coffee and chocolate, with a richness and smoothness that will leave you licking your lips.  The dessert-like taste is unapologetically decadent, like everything else that we find ourselves gravitating toward once the holiday season is underway.

#4: Arturo Fuente Hemingway

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway is the type of cigar that was made for special occasions, and that being said, it’s one of the most perfect choices you can think of when it comes to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.  This award-winning icon has a flavor profile that instantly makes you think of Christmas, with molasses, walnuts, brown sugar, spices and woods that come together in a strikingly smooth and balanced way.  The cigar consists of fine Dominican tobaccos neatly packaged in a Cameroon wrapper, and the very first puff will instantly warm your spirits and make you feel enchanted by the very thought of Christmas morning.  It’s the type of cigar that can make an otherwise mundane December day feel like a festive occasion.

#3: Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva  

Another standout from Arturo Fuente is the Gran Reserva, which is a great choice for those who prefer something a little less sweet, but decadent just the same.  It has a creaminess that’s nearly impossible to describe, and can be savored after a heavy dinner and dessert without fatiguing the palate.  It’s the note of cedar that permeates each puff which gives this cigar its impossibly velvety quality that goes above and beyond to make you feel like you’re indulging in something truly special.  A blend of Dominican tobaccos is aged in a Spanish cedar vault, which is what gives this cigar its luxurious quality.

#2: Alec Bradley Nico Puro

We can’t think of many cigars that “taste like Christmas” more than the Alec Bradley Nico Puro, with its aromatic nutmeg that immediately reminds you of eggnog, alongside buttery, fire-roasted nuts, sugary raisins and a leathery base that gives more richness to an already-luxurious flavor profile.  The 100% Nicaraguan tobacco in this medium-bodied cigar smokes gorgeously, with smooth draws that let you know you’re enjoying something purely exquisite.  It’s great for daytime and evening, as it’s never too heavy nor too light, and its flavor is scrumptious in a way that deserves a smoke on Christmas Eve or day.

#1: Ashton Puro Sol

It’s hard to turn down an Ashton Puro Sol during the holiday season, since everything about it makes you feel like you’re making the most of the Christmas season.  Its spice profile matches that of our favorite wintertime desserts, while sugary caramel and buttery almonds offer a smoke like no other.  The sun-grown filler gives each pull a velvety quality on the draw, while you find yourself licking your lips repeatedly, anticipating the pleasure of the next puff.

Treat Yourself to These Premium Cigars as You Embrace Christmastime

At BnB Tobacco, we believe that each time you light up a cigar, it should feel like a festive occasion.  That’s why the Christmas season is our very favorite time of year for treating ourselves to these decadent, seasonal-tasting delights.  Any of these 10 cigars will make the holiday feel even more special, so we encourage you to explore each one, and enjoy what it can do to elevate your spirit further.

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