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Top 10 Holiday Cigars at BnB Tobacco


The holiday season has arrived, and many of us are dealing with the annual stress of buying gifts, arranging plans, and getting in those last-minute work deadlines.  But the holidays are about a lot more than the hustle and bustle.  At BnB Tobacco, we believe that one way to make the most of the holiday season is by enjoying a nice cigar with a flavor profile reminiscent of this most wonderful time of the year!

#10: Camacho Ecuador

Camacho Ecuador cigars are never a bad choice for someone craving a medium-full body and a rich, complex flavor.  A blend of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos blend seamlessly together, offering tasty flavor notes of black pepper, citrus and florals.  Brazilian binders add to their luxurious appeal, while an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper seals the deal.

#9: Ashton Estate Sun Grown

The Ashton Estate Sun Grown cigars are part of the brand’s 20th century celebrations and have a uniquely luxurious taste worthy of celebration indeed.  The Dominican wrappers are uniquely decadent, and the flavor profile boasts notes of graham cracker, warm spice, and succulent cream, with a richness that’s impossible to resist.  The filler is completely Dominican, which is a rarity in and of itself, and is certain to please the most demanding clients.

#8: Espada by Montecristo

Montecristo’s legacy is that of some of the finest cigars the business has ever seen, and their Espada cigar is uniquely worthy of praise.  The aged tobaccos work together beautifully to offer a highly appetizing flavor profile complete with smoky, spicy, and creamy notes that leave you salivating.  The luxurious nature is the perfect choice for the holidays, and we doubt that you’ll be disappointed by this beauty.

#7: Alec Bardley Coyol

Alec Bradley is one of the most recognized names in the cigar industry, and for good reason.  If you want to indulge this season, the Coyol cigar is a great pick.  Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers meld together, creating a flavor profile bursting with notes of nutmeg, black pepper and cherry, which happen to taste a lot like our favorite holiday desserts.  The velvety smooth draw makes this medium-full-bodied cigar notably special, and you’ll savor it at any time of day when you’re in the mood to take a moment for yourself amidst the bustling holiday rituals.

#6: Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale

A very beloved name in the cigar world is Arturo Fuente, known for having the perfect cigar for every type of occasion.  For the holidays, we highly recommend the Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale, which contains a variety of fillers from different iconic cigars from the brand, all from the Dominican Republic, and wrapped in a Cameroon wrapper.  There’s a unique flavor profile in these cigars reminiscent of toasted chestnuts and almonds, which gets the mouth simply watering just like those you’d find roasting on an open fire.  Buttery, smooth and rich, it’s hard to be disappointed by what this delicious cigar has to offer.

#5: Dominican Robusto Grande Cigars

For a mild option, the Dominican Robusto Grande Cigars win out every time.  With a completely 100% Dominican filler, you’ll enjoy the unique notes for which this type of tobacco is known, with a beautiful aroma that perfumes the room and gets you into the holiday spirit with notes of warm spices and rich cream.  The earthy notes warm you on colder days, and the lightness makes it a great daily cigar no matter where you are.  The natural wrapper ties everything together, and you’ll have no trouble grabbing this one with its amazing price tag.

#4: Aging Room Havao

This mild-medium cigar is another excellent choice for the holidays, with a flavor profile that reminds us of that which we most crave during this festive season.  A diverse array of warm spices hit the palate instantly, with a rich, creamy and silky-smooth undertone that permeates throughout the smoking experience.  The Dominican filler paired with the Connecticut wrapper serves as a match made in cigar heaven, and the cigar often wins high praise for its exceptional quality.  One puff and you’ll fall in love.

#3: Acid Blue Cigars

For fans of mild cigars, Acid Blue is a wonderful choice this holiday season.  The aroma and flavor are simply mouthwatering, and the Drew Estate knew what they were doing when they concocted a beautiful blend of Nicaraguan fillers and binders, all put together in a Connecticut wrapper for your enjoyment.  The mild taste isn’t bland in any way, offering a bouquet of rich and sweet tastes that remind you of your favorite holiday cookies.

#2: Dominican Churchill Cigars

Another pure Dominican cigar is the Dominican Churchill Cigars, which are as iconic as they are indulgent.  This medium-bodied beauty offers an earthy and spicy taste that comforts you on cold winter evenings and has a richness that’s hard to put into words despite its medium nature.  They’re conveniently affordable, which means you can enjoy them all holiday season long.  They boast a Maduro wrapper that complements the filler beautifully.

#1: Ambrosia Spice Cigars

We feel that Ambrosia Spice cigars really capture the essence of the holidays, with flavor notes reminiscent of the treats that we indulge in this time of year.  This full-bodied cigar has a super-rich and robust flavor that will warm your spirits during the cold season, with a complex, spicy flavor profile dotted with notes of smoky cedar for good measure.  The filler is Honduran and Nicarguan, with a Sumatran wrapper.

Happy Holidays from BnB Tobacco!

These stogies each have something special to offer to the holiday season, whether you’re going for a brisk walk on a cold morning or savoring something luxurious on the big day.  From all of us at BnB Tobacco, we wish you and your family an incredibly happy holiday season.

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